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What about when he was trying to show high resolution display on iPhone 4, side by side with 3GS? 3GS was happy with the same wifi network. iPhone 4 had trouble with wifi and could not connect to 3G either. Jobs was mistakenly holding it with wrong grip!! And as far as the media reports go, they just reported what jobs said. Vrkiran (proud owner of 3GS and other Apple products)
How the heck does a case compensate for an allegedly weak ATT signal?
You are right, but so far, in these many years, neither Apple nor any other company (including Microsoft and Nokia) told me how to hold my phone/laptop/netbook/iPod/Zune/PSP or any other device. Nor I remember anyone telling me that I must buy a case to use my device. It's like my lawn mower company telling me that I must use a protective cover for the engine so that grass does not get into it and kill it (yes, I am just back from the yard).
The problems Steve Jobs had during keynote are due to the same design issue? He was cupping the phone, if you watch carefully.
Wish Apple said the same! (Not that I agree with the "fashionability" of the Apple bumper, it sucks in my opinon. It undermines all the great work Jonathan Ive, the style guru, put in).
You are entitled to your opinion!
Thanks for watching out for Apple. That'll help them save money!
A wonderfully sensible statement! I wish other people could think beyond the "oh, Apple is so great" and look at each product objectively and say "oh, iPhone 2G is so great", "oh, iPhone 3G is so great", "oh, iPhone 3GS is so great" and "BTW, something is amiss with iPhone 4". Just because the last few products were good, how can people simply ignore the complaints of thousands of other users who have genuine problems?
What is you say is fair enough. I wish that is what Apple said!
May be you are right! But 90% of the people are blissful in thier $29 bumpers or cases. So I doubt if Apple will feel the pinch financially. For them, saving the face, saving the ego and PR will be equally important.
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