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Kyle76, You are right on the mark. 90% of the people on this forum are simply choosing to ignore the "dropped call" part of it. Either they all bought their cases on day 1 or they are awfully lucky. Personally I hate cases (all the effort Jonathan Ive put in with his beautiful, strong materials .., remember? :-) ) and I certainly don't want to pay for one just because my $299 gadget is messed up.
:-) Thanks for watching out for Apple!
Couldn't agree more. My iPhone 4 is out too. Back to good old 3GS. I too miss the screen and the camera.
Just curious, what was the justification for recessed headphone jack? Can you send some links?
You are barking up the wrong tree my friend. This forum is not going to listen to anything slightest in the direction of a potential problem. They will ask you, the consumer, who paid $299 and committed to a 2 year contract, to bow to insults from this forum, indifference from Apple and ATT, but just be quiet and not say a word.
Most rational mail on this forum so far. It couldn't be said better. Yes, I do believe that Apple is strategically underplaying the issue. I also believe that this escaped the QA process due to varied reasons, including the ones you mentioned above. 1) Very few test engieers at Apple have the actual access to a physical final assembled device. Their testing would be focused on specific aspects of the device, which itself could be quite complex given short development...
Do you guys have some software to do this count? I sure hope you do. It can be quite time consuming otherwise.
Well, I respectfully disagree. I bought the phone for the price apple/att asked, I can sell it or do whatever else I want to do with it, as long as I am not violating any law. At the same time, I am not breaking my 2 year contract, so apple/att is not losing 1 cent due to whatever I am doing. Some people microwave it an post youtube videos, I am at least not doing that. I am selling it to someone who loves it more than I do. Thanks for your opinion, though.
It's called money!! Sorry :-) I did not mean to come across as a jerk. If you sell your phone, you can get about $600 or so easily (eBay says so), if not more. And that should be enough to get a new phone contract-free later on and you can continue with your existing contract. Returning to apple/att has a major catch that you will lose not only your phone, but also the "upgrade credit" you received. They may not allow you to upgrade at discounted price again for 2 years....
Thank you.. I appreciate your great insight! I wish world is full of such insight!
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