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@macxpress "What do the British know anyways...." Well they know how to design 'all' of Apple's products (Jonathan Ive)... as well as inventing the world wide web that you used to post that comment (Tim Berners-Lee)... the electricity that powers your computer (Michael Faraday)... and computers in general (Charles Babbage / Alan Turing). ;0)
I think Apple have got the pricing of their iPods completely wrong.   The iPod touch should mostly be aimed at children and teenagers as a gaming device, so should be cheaper.   The only people who would be able to afford these, will already have iPhones, so don't need them. They are also the sort of people who will regularly upgrade their phones, so will just pass the last gen handsets onto their kids instead of getting them an itouch.   Apple are getting...
  I guess they missed the large magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the App Store with the word "Search" written under it.   I find loads of my apps using search.   I'm sure there are loads of rubbish applications on the internet that don't get downloaded either, this is nothing unique to the app store. If the developers want people to download their apps, they need to promote them. It isn't very difficult.    
    Yeah, it could be improved in a couple of ways, but it's not far off perfection. The back could definitely look better, but it's just a homemade mockup, so I'm sure Apple would do a better job.   I'm really hoping this is the direction Apple will go in for the iPhone 6. That shape with a bezel-free screen would be epic.  
  I really don't like the feel of the 4/4S though, my wife has my old 3GS and it's a much better design in that respect. You could argue the current brick design works better as a camera, but it isn't a camera, it's a phone.   Phones need to be slim, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to hold (i.e. rounded corners) and should fit in your pocket.   Apple have been disappointing me recently with all these minor incremental updates. I want to see another...
The strange thing is, the new design doesn't look any thinner than the current model. They would also have more room for the battery, with the phone being much longer, so is all this trouble over the screen worth it?    I'm still hoping the two-tone design is a complete red herring and Apple come out with a super slim phone more like this...   iPhone 5 mockup  
  I know, but it will lower the risk, an initial point release often has big bugs that Apple only find out about once it goes out to the public.    I was only going to upgrade for the sake of it anyway. If there were some major new benefits to ML, I might risk it. But as far as I can see, it just has a couple of IOS style Apps that I'm not going to use, and some new screen savers. In the past when I've upgraded, I've lost compatibility with a lot of stuff (Like Rosetta),...
  It wasn't people's 'opinion' of the OS that put me off, it was all the technical problems they were having. The chances of someone doing a professional review having an issue is pretty slim.    If I could get the download to work, I'm sure it would probably install fine. I'm just not willing to take the risk yet, once Apple release an update that kills the initial bugs, I'll take the plunge then.   When I upgraded to Lion as soon as it was released, it totally killed...
  On the Appstore. Lots of people are having problems.    I can't risk it killing my iMac, like Lion did, as this is my work machine (Last time I had to do a full restore from Time Machine).    I'd test it out on my home 2008 MacBook, but it's not supported, which seems odd as Mountain Lion is such a minor update.   
I tried to buy it a few days after launch and just got a 404 error... While I repeatedly tried to get it to work, I noticed all the negative reviews.   I think I'll wait until 10.8.1 now.  
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