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  Yeah, all Apple's spin about our cloud based future without reliance on local storage, seems a little disingenuous now doesn't it.
I think Apple should keep at least one OSX version back available on the App store, especially if they are going to drop support for their hardware so quickly.   My four year old MacBook isn't compatible with ML. I didn't know that until ML came out and I was about to upgrade. Luckily, I had already upgraded to Lion, but Apple gave us no warning that they were going to remove it. When they dropped services like Mobile Me etc, Apple informed their customers well in...
  I don't know, must be... Is yours an older model? I can only see a reflection on mine if I turn the brightness right down, or turn it off, and even then it's minimal. It's a sunny day here at the moment.   If I angle the screen right back so it's pointing straight at a bright light, then I can see the reflection, but why would I do that? If I did the same thing with a matte screen the diffuse glow would be just as annoying.   Us designers coped just fine for years with...
    I'm a graphic designer and there is no way I'd go back to matte screens.   I have a window right behind my desk and have no problem with reflection at all on my 27" iMac.   If I put my hand next to the screen I can't see any reflection at all, it's as if there is nothing between me and the image. It's much better than the annoying light glow that covered my old screens.    The mirror screen thing is a myth created by people who are trying to sound professional.
Will anything like this work in the UK?   Using US only services seems a little odd with what is supposed to be an international device. 
The 3GS is still a great phone, I actually prefer it's design, over my 4S... It's more comfortable to hold and much more durable.   If it gets iOS6, it will remain popular for quite a while.
Man, does this mean I'm going to have to start quadrupling the resolution of the images on all the sites I design? The broadband companies better hurry up and start making fibre to the home standard everywhere.
A full HD camera might not be such a good idea, when a 12min clip will take up about a quarter of a 16GB iPad's total storage space. \
NEWSFLASH!!! Apple will update one of their most popular products, thereby ensuring that they sell more of them next year and stay in business. Who would have thunk it!?!
I think the fact that they wouldn't let anyone use it at the launch should have been a bit of a give-away. One of the main reasons I use my iPad over my laptop, is because the iPad is fast and smooth. I really don't think the cheaper price of the Fire is worth it, when it means you have to loose that flawless user experience.
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