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A built in ADSL modem would be nice... So you could use it as a cable 'or' ADSL router. I wouldn't have thought it would add much to the cost of manufacture and they are way overpriced already, so it would add value. It just seems very un-Apple like, to have to rely on a load of different boxes plugged into each other. I'm not sure how common ADSL is in America... maybe that's the problem.
What is there to stop someone from renaming the same track 20,000 times with the names of all the music you would ever like to own... and getting all the real versions from Apple for a mere $24.99? Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that LOL.
I'm not sure why you couldn't understand my post. Is English your first language? I made several suggestions relating to the design of ports on 'future' Apple devices. Other forum members were clearly able to understand my post. Perhaps you would prefer if I tried to emulate your own unique posting style, of vague, unspecific criticism and random hostility?
Apple need to invent a single magnetic connector, that can be used for charging/thunderbolt/usb data transfer. It needs to be slim enough for idevices and easy to attach/detach. They also need to allow anyone to use/make it, so it can become an industry standard. THE DOCK CONNECTOR MUST DIE.... but a small adapter from the new standard to the old one, would help prevent old docks from becoming obsolete. All this is so blindingly obvious, I really don't know...
It isn't an iPad 2, it's a mock-up based on the leaked dimensions. Also, even it was, why would you expect it to look the same as the iPad 1?
Actually Channel 4 news is a lot better than the BBC news, but the BBC is far better than any US news channels I have seen... they are terrible.
It says "an exciting announcement FROM iTunes"... ...not ABOUT iTunes. It could simply mean the announcement is coming via iTunes live streaming. ...but the announcement itself could be about anything.
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