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Perhaps you should as well. It talks about a secondary backlighting system for one display. I don't believe Apple is trying to produce a DS.
I don't see this as anything but a great innovative idea. Think of it like the touchscreen scenario for buttons: if you have a great idea for phone alerts, you can't glue on a new LED light after the phones have shipped. Make it all about software, poof! software update and you have a new smart alert for your already purchased phone. I see this as adding a smart, complex alert system without adding another physical light system to the phone's already crowded...
MacWorld is Jan 5-9, 2009, and the promo is until Jan 14... I don't know. I think if they release a new iPhone at MacWorld, it won't be 3.0, more like 2.5 with just a memory bump (32GB and 16GB) at the same prices of today's models.
I think the Mac Mini can Copy and Past(e), has To Do's, Notes, and I guess the internet equals PUSH. I'm sorry, was this article about the iPhone?
Don't they use the same HHD in the Air as they do in the iPod Classic? Maybe the Classic is selling better than expected and the Air has to wait for more component HHDs to get assembled? Just speculating with no data but optimism, lol.
I've never had a problem with AT&T's signal strength, but I live in SoCal. I did have problems in Palm Springs with an old Blackjack (I was borrowing from a friend because my previous phone died about a month before iPhone 3G came out) mostly indoors. I've been up there a couple times since with my iPhone 3G and I have better reception now. I've only experienced one dropped call ever and I believe that was because I was in an apartment building on the ground floor and...
I wasn't planning on purchasing until next year anyway, probably two iMac refreshes from now. I'm really hoping they introduce a 30' iMac to complement the 30' ACD they are sure to release. I want my computer to be a TV replacement. I know it's a dream not likely to be fulfilled.
Does miniDP have the entire functionality of standard DP? If it does, why didn't VESA standardize this mini port and make it the full-sized port? Apple doesn't talk about audio support through miniDP, which standard DP enables. In fact, Apple's new built-in Cinema Display speakers don't activate until you plug in the USB part of the cable. I'm not calling that proof that miniDP doesn't support audio though. It could have been a design decision. If miniDP doesn't...
I can't even guess why apple removed FireWire, regardless they did. I never used FireWire so it really won't affect me. I use few peripherals and none came with FireWire, all came with USB only. Maybe if apple hadn't removed FireWire options from iPods and included it on iPhones, I might have used that port. As I said, I'm sorry for the FireWire crowd, it sounds like a great port, but it's removal doesn't affect me. As for DisplayPort, I only like it for it's potential,...
Why does a MacBook need FireWire? Because people will want it and use it, no matter how few.
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