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At least you can't argue that he's a pretty funny man.
Well, it's just a really advanced warning if your statement proves true. I like your choice of word: depreciated. I'll use that from now on describing FireWire. Thanks!
I agree with you 100%. Many compared the 1st gen iPhone as cheaper in the long run to the iPhone 3G that cost less up front but paid itself back and then a bit in the end, and long how that's going. iPhone sales through the glass ceiling the first model created. Granted, new tech added to sales, but I'm sure inital price was a major factor. OS X at $129 every 1.5-2 years is still a better deal initially than Windows OS at $400 every... um do they even have a regular...
For those that asked for some kind of warning that Apple would remove FireWire, here is your warning (and there have been a few previous already) that Carbon is on the way out.
After reading the comments, I'm glad others thought of keyboard localization as a problem with international brick and mortar establishments. Maybe this will be less of a hassle as Apple reduces packaging sizes for their products to allow more physical stock in retail locations, however display models will always be a problem in this area. Can you set up a French, Swiss, and German MacBook Pro side-by-side on the table without alienating someone? Online is the way to...
To my knowledge, Dell doesn't sell a 13" notebook with FW. Neither does HP for that matter. Yeah, that guy is screwed. I suppose there's always Acer. When I have to help someone that ultimately lambasts my company and threatens to go to a rival, they're either lying (and we continually have to deal with them) or we don't want their business anyway (and we can turn our attention to the other 99.9999% of our customers that are happy with how we run our business instead).
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