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After searching the other chips mentioned in the article being made by other companies, it seems you are right that they are still in the sampling/design process to put out those chips. But why didn't the article STATE that! Why did I have to search somewhere else because the article was vague and seemed contradictory?
Actually, no, the article doesn't plainly state that. The article says Apple is first to market with the ARM Cortex A15 cores. If it meant first smartphone to market, they should've said that. Also, the article muddies the waters by highlighting what the iPad SoCs are as well, so the article doesn't strictly stick to smartphone CPUs.   Also, while hoping the use of newer tech is true, the article points to no evidence of Apple actually using the newer core architecture....
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't inductive charging either slower or more power "leaky" than the classic cable? And isn't it only worth it if you have a large induction pad that could potentially charge multiple mobile devices set on it at one time (so only one power pad plugged into the wall compared with two or more devices).
 If you look at this image, I think you can see the plastic mounting around the glass on the iPhone 5:  And about the length issue, I think it's all perspective. When I look at the new iPod Touch by itself, I can't even tell that they increased the length. And when I look at my iPhone 4 now, it feels a bit stubby, lol. And come on, they added only 1/3 of an inch to the length. It really is hardly noticeable, unless you have an accessory/device that wraps around the...
Why does the article's summary text incorrectly state the Lightning USB cable is $39, then correct itself further down the article to say the Lightning to USB cable is $19? Thanks for making all the complicated accessories and their pricing more complicated....
Ouch, $29 for 30-pin to 8/9-pin adapter, but only $19 for Lightning cable itself.
 http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/12/apple-iphone-5-liveblog/ http://live.arstechnica.com/apple-september-2012-event-its-almost-here/   I prefer Ars, as Engadget can be a bit snide sometimes...
I think Apple has been making inconsequential mistakes in naming the iPhone since it's 2nd generation. I had friends think the iPhone 3G was the 3rd gen iPhone. And since then, the naming has just been bonkers, with maybe the exception of the iPhone 4. They really should just call it "iPhone" and be done with it like they did with iPad.   But honestly, as others have said, as long as iPhone is in the name, it'll sell with whatever suffix is appended to it.
 I don't know when the 10am keynote starts either.
 Thanks, that sounds reasonable. I wish these people taking photos would at least take decent comparison shots and shots of each side of the connectors. What's the point of all these useless 'glamour' shots?
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