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So if USB has those tiny clips to hold a solid connection between cable and port, how is Apple's solution going to keep their connection from being too jiggly?
Why, 5 products of course! It's obvious.13" MacBook Pro with Retina DisplayIvy Bridge iMacIvy Bridge Mac Mini6th gen iPhoneiPad MiniTrololol.
 Or perhaps pre-loaded in RAM or pre-designated storage space for the "OS". Either way, it's wasting what you've paid too little for.
 Yes, it's the only difference. The iPad WiFi+LTE has a $130 premium. Amazon's is more because they are subsidizing that $50/year LTE data plan from AT&T.
I feel like Pandora has been adding more and more commercials, to the point it feels like every time I interact with the iPhone app, they play an ad. What's the point of internet streaming radio if it's exactly the same as over-the-air radio, and in some cases worse?   I hope Apple enters this market to add some competition to the mix. It'll hopefully benefit consumers and the music industry.
 It's confirmed ATT provides the service, Amazon is subsidizing the cost through the $200 extra charge between the wifi-only model and the wifi+lte model (as opposed to iPad's $130 extra for lte model), and ATT's standard overage fees apply (for every 250MB you go over = $14.99).
 You can't seriously see the other side of the argument, can you?   I'll use your argument. Let's download an episode of The Walking Dead. If you have a slow connection with a legacy display resolution, you download the SD version weighing in at a few hundred MBs. But if you have a faster connection (say LTE) with an HD screen, SD episodes look blurry and less enjoyable. So you download the HD version weighing in at over 1GB. Same with photos, 2 megapixel photos are...
As much as I'd like Apple to depreciate the 3GS (with it's ancient display res, slow CPU, etc.), if R&D from over 3 years ago is still paying off in different areas of the world and as long as it doesn't impact current model production, I see no reason not to keep calm and carry on.
 I could argue your point backwards. A larger display with the same resolution isn't displaying ANY additional information. The information displayed is just larger! You get no additional webpage/photo/video real estate on screen.   Higher resolution, on the other hand, does display more information. Yes it's smaller in size, but it's more information on the screen: more of a photo, more of a webpage, more of a video. But it's smaller, which makes pixelation less...
 The energy loss during wireless energy transfer is pretty high if I remember correctly, and it is in no way like wifi. Anyone with a compatible receiving device could draw power from your "base station", because how can you password protect magnetic resonnance? There's already a ton of people stealing unprotected wifi networks, imagine if all wifi was unprotected. Have fun paying for the electricity to charge everyone's phone in your apt building.
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