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Me me me.  I I I.  Screw everyone else.  We're not a society.  **** the poor.  **** the weak.  **** the meek.  Human suffering is fine if the people are too lazy/unlucky/brown.   Why should you chip in?  Because it's the right fucking thing to do.  Because that's how society works.  Because Matthew 19:16-22, if you believe in that sort of thing. Are you loving your neighbor like yourself?  Are you a self-hating man?  Is that why you are such a dick to the poor?
It's been demonstrated time and again that raising the minimum wage doesn't destroy jobs.  That's just another one of your trickle down nonsensical talking points.  Also, you are strawmanning me.  It's not about equalizing outcomes.  It's about providing a base level outcome.  And frankly my position is more Jesusy than you would ever admit.
That's the same academic language used before common core and rotation was part of the old standards, too. Not sure what you are whining about here.Also, it forms a cone if you rotate it about the leg. You are wrong. Looks like your pre-common core learning has failed you. You are certainly qualified to object to these new standards.
I'm a math teacher. I am very familiar with common core. I am far more familiar with it than you are. I like it. Your premise is false.
Please post some.  I might help you out.
Common Core does not say word problems must be written in a particular fashion.  Of course, what I'm hearing from you and the others is that you want them to learn it the way you did before they learn it the other way.  Well, we have a generation of students that don't understand the interconnectedness of math because of the bullshit memorization way we were taught.  It's different.  The transition may be rough.  It would be nice to get some math specialists in at the...
A gamergater, too.  Shocking.  /s
As designed, Common Core does balance procedural fluency and deeper understanding.  The implementations may be flawed, but the curriculum is just fine.  Have you actually read the math standards?  
THINGS ARE DIFFERENT FROM HOW I LEARNED THEM, THEREFORE THEY MUST BE BAD!     Yes, some implementations are less than stellar.  However, a lot of the "ridiculous" math people seem to complain about is firmly grounded in having students understand the processes rather than just memorizing algorithms by rote.  Half the problem is the parents don't understand the processes themselves, so immediately jump to "this is dumb" when encountering low level math they don't...
Bernie is fighting for those middle class jobs, too.  Enough is enough.  The billionaires can't have it all.
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