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Bullshit, MJ.  I'm the one saying we should investigate ways of treating the hemophilia long term, but the more pressing matter is closing up that cut before the patient bleeds out.  I'm the one saying we should take care of both.  You aren't.
Blinded by a pet issue, unable to see things are more complex.  I agree the morality clauses are most likely terrible and need further scrutiny.  I also believe it's bullshit that even if a couple wanted to be married, they couldn't if they are in a marriage inequality state, and they would get fucked over by this type of ruling.
It's also important to recognize when BOTH are happening.  
Why do you assume someone is being forced?  There is a subset of the population that wants to be married and is getting screwed by this law.  You have a real blindspot for them.
Morality clause: probably bad--I haven't seen the arguments in favor of it so I will withhold full condemnation, but I lean toward bad for now. Homosexuals having no recourse under the current laws of the land: bad. Heterosexuals having recourse while homosexuals do not: abominable.    I am not saying this is THE reason marriage equality is important.  I'm saying it is ONE reason.  Sometimes you treat the immediate symptoms of a terrible disease as part of a...
Ah, the Nirvana Fallacy once again.  Yes, the morality clause is largely bullshit and probably shouldn't exist.  In the meantime, marriage equality would prevent some injustice as well.  In a nation that employs the morality clause, having one segment of the population disproportionately affected because they can't legally marry is flat out discrimination.     Go ahead, fight the morality clause.  Fight the family courts.  In the meantime, prevent these injustices by...
Hetero couples can marry and thus bypass the clause. Homosexual couples cannot. It's really not that fucking hard to understand.
http://www.dallasvoice.com/judge-lesbian-moms-partner-10147997.html         Ah, so if they were married, this "morality clause" would not be a problem for them.  Oops, marriage equality doesn't exist in Texas.         A homophobic conservative judge is willing to tear a family apart because of his bigotry.  "Morality clauses" perhaps should exist at all, but marriage equality would also disarm this heinous tactic.
If there were any doubts that marvfox was a fake account, they should dissolve away now.
New Posts  All Forums: