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Now, MJ, you're not a lost cause.  You can still learn and gain an understanding of biology.  Here are some resources that may help.     http://evolution.berkeley.edu/ http://www.talkorigins.org/origins/faqs-qa.html
Then you, sir, deny science.  Case closed.
MJ, you never responded.  Do you agree that the scientific theory of evolution is overwhelmingly supported by mountain ranges of evidence, and serves as the foundation for and is absolutely integral to modern biology?   MJ, you made an assertion that you do not deny science.  Yet, in the past, you have repeatedly denounced evolution.  The two statements are mutually exclusive.  Have you deepened your understanding of evolution and now see where you were wrong in the...
It's emmmmmJay, he's got a caaaaaaatch phrase and he won't stop repeatin'  he just gives a brow beatin'   It's emmmmmmJay, he's got a caaaaaaaatch phrase he's got it into his head to just derail this thread   Catch MJ Tuesday nights this fall on NBC.       Make a West, Texas thread and I'll happily discuss things with you.  Stop it here.
Is that your new banal catchphrase?  Again, take West, Texas discussions to another thread.
Your observation skills in this arena seem to be on par with your biological observation skills.  I am basing my statements on articles I have read about West, Texas.  If you were to bring new *real* evidence to light that contradicts my statements, I will adjust my conclusions accordingly.  Do so in another thread, however.  
If you want to discuss West, Texas, we can do so in another thread.  If you want to discuss evolution, feel free to do so here.  You skipped over the part about evolution being the foundation for all of modern biology.
The company was grossly negligent and lied to the regulators.  Such a result was easily foreseeable.  People died as a result.  Yes, the company, and the people running it, should stand trial for murder.
Stop it. That was an obvious reference to West, Texas. Your attacks are utterly vile. Go away.
All hail the free market.  Do not anger the free market, or else corporations will lie to regulators, made toothless by years of Republican bitching, crying, and whining, resulting in explosions, death, dismemberment, and a giant blast crater in the middle of town.
New Posts  All Forums: