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I'm with you on religion needing a bashing.  However, killing isn't the only way Muslims were hurt in the decade after 9/11.  Remember that whole flap about the community center?  Remember all the institutionalized racism?
Again, with the potential of this being Islamic terror, I am concerned for the safety of Muslims in this country.  I only hoped the bomber were homegrown, right-wing, and white because it would be highly unlikely that white people would be targeted in the streets or gunned down in their churches as reprisals for Boston's bombing.   Sikh Temple.  Enough said.
White people weren't racially profiled after that dumbfuck, unable to distinguish different non-white cultures, killed several folks in that Sikh temple.  There would be less collateral damage against the race of the bombers if those bombers were right-wing white loons.  Remember, it's generally not the liberals that go out and seek vengeance against random brown people.  Liberals and ethnic minorities in this country would be much safer if the bombers were right-wing...
http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/01/west-point-report-americas-violent-far-right/61181/   I'm sure you'll find fault with the West Point study showing the sharp spike in right-wing terror, too.  
Right wing extremist groups have absolutely proliferated during the Obama administration.   http://www.splcenter.org/home/splc-report-antigovernment-patriot-movement-continues-explosive-growth-poses-rising-threat-of-v#.UXC-t7Wsh8E   http://www.splcenter.org/home/2013/spring/the-year-in-hate-and-extremism#.UXC_GLWsh8E        
Sure, it's possible to have white left wing terrorists.  The odds are just very much stacked against it.
Ron Paul is a creationist. Ergo, wacko in a particular way. That's just one example. There are many others. The key, though, is that it's not just that Ron Paul has a difference in opinion, or even that it is a stark difference. It's that he's absolutely, utterly WRONG in the face of MOUNTAINS of evidence. That's what makes creationists wackos.
 And your thoughts on this are?
There exists consensus. Just stop already. http://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-scientific-consensus-intermediate.htm
New Posts  All Forums: