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This is why it isn't worth talking to you at all, a lesson that I apparently fail at remembering.  You aren't bounded by reality or truth.  You make shit up, create horrendous, vicious lies about people (your whole disgusting on the verge of violence meme), and don't appear to give two shits about it.     What trumpet posts are the online analogues of the Gish Gallop.    
Ah, the right wing prudes demonizing sex again.  People can be carriers of HPV without knowing, just as they can be for whooping cough.  But, since it involves sex, the conservatives are apoplectic.  
Herd immunity is real.  Vaccines save lives.  Anti-vaxxers have blood on their hands.     http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/04/30/pertussis_video_psa_about_the_dangers_of_whooping_cough.html
        Someone didn't pay attention.  Go troll somewhere else.
You just admitted you deny science.  On what order of years do you believe the age of the Earth is?  Thousands?  Millions?  Billions?  Care to answer, or are you embarrassed for some reason?
You are barking up wrong tree, as usual.  I do not advocate revoking anyone's rights.  You are just making shit up completely.   Pay attention, because I'm only going to say this to you one more time.   I do not believe society should take science-deniers seriously.  I also do not believe that we should strip anyone of their rights to speak, vote, or run for office.  I want society to be educated enough to not elect these nitwits in the first place.     So,...
So, MJ, you may not know the precise age of the Earth, but on what order of magnitude do you believe the age to be?   Thousands of years old?  Millions? Billions?
  I'm not prejudging. I'm judging based on how these alleged Christians argue to treat their neighbors as inferiors.  How old is the Earth, by the way?
So, tu quoque, ad hominem, and you're apparently saying that you're fine with having a deity whose existence cannot be tested.  Not helping your cause at all.  Isn't it funny how you paint me as some sort of monster yet it's I who want more rights for a bullied minority and those you are defending are actually the ones sending their gay children to child abuse camp?   Up is down.  Black is white.    Oooh, how authoritarian of me to want gays to have equal rights.  The...
Aww, somebody's offended because his invisible friend isn't being respected.  Meanwhile, you actively fight against equality for homosexuals.  While your thin skin and ridiculous beliefs may not be able to handle criticism, you sure dole out far worse to your homosexual neighbors.  You think what they do is an abomination.  You don't want them to have equal rights.  That's fucking obscene.  That's beyond disrespectful.  That's inhumane.  That's as far from Christ-like as...
New Posts  All Forums: