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In Australia, instances of genital warts have declined by 59% in women aged 12-26 and by 39% in men of the same age group.  There was also a major decline in cervical abnormalities, often precursors of cancer.  Go Science!   http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/04/20/hpv_vaccine_cases_of_virus_declining_in_australia_due_to_immunizations.html http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/18/hpv-vaccine-showing-successes-in-australia/
Don't get all butt hurt when a corporation doesn't self-report that it has way too many improperly stored explosive materials.  The free market can now decide not to buy from them anymore.  Problem solved*.         *lives ended, community ravaged, preventable situation not prevented. But freedom & Murica!     Hmm, I actually wonder if some of these crazy Christian libertarians might be OK not preventing easily preventable deaths through regulation because...
Well, since it's a corporation that did it, let's fine them for less than the profits they earned by breaking the law and endangering/murdering innocent people.  It's The American Way.  Of course, I'm sure MJ, et al, wouldn't want to fine them at all.  Let The Market decide!
Veridian Dynamics: Money before people.
I don't know why you are bringing that up, MJ.  That's an argument for more money being spent to enforce worker safety regulations.  It's not enough to just have the regulations on the books--the government has to be able to do regular, thorough, inspections.   Of course, I suppose you are just fine and dandy with the free market deciding not to have basic protections to prevent such a disaster?
Absolutely not.  I just hope people would be educated enough not to fall for any of that bullshit.
 Well, would you ban Christian churches near family planning centers?
You're proving my point.
I'm with you on religion needing a bashing.  However, killing isn't the only way Muslims were hurt in the decade after 9/11.  Remember that whole flap about the community center?  Remember all the institutionalized racism?
New Posts  All Forums: