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Hands is setting up a false dilemma.  It's not "pay taxes or go to jail."  It's pay taxes, go to jail, live off the grid, or GTFO.  Now, you choose to pay taxes rather than live off the grid or GTFO.  So, yes, you do bear some responsibility.  You may not like the other choices, but they do exist.  You do get some points for attempting to change the system (even if I think your changes are completely asinine).  Yet, you are still partially responsible because you are...
A famed environmentalist and anti-GMO advocate adapted to new evidence and changed his tune significantly.  Give it a read, Hands.  Though both parties are guilty of anti-GMO unscientific fears, this is the left's cross to bear as they are the ones that tend to promote those fears with the same tactics Fox News promotes anti-GW and anti-evolution idiocy.   http://www.marklynas.org/2013/01/lecture-to-oxford-farming-conference-3-january-2013/           Read on.  And don't...
So many of the fears with regard to genetically modified foods are just manifestations of scientific ignorance or anti-science buffoonery.  This is one arena in which those on the left and right join hands in irresponsible, unwarranted fear-mongering.     http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2013/04/03/anti-gmo-attitudes-on-the-left-and-right/#.UXlNySu9Wrg
MJ misunderstands the nature of science.  His misunderstanding of science doesn't invalidate science. Above is from http://ncse.com/evolution/education/science-evolution.   Here's what scientific testing is about, MJ.             http://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/0_0_0/howscienceworks_06
Those links I provided earlier would help you understand, MJ. You asking these questions demonsrates a fundamental ignorance of the theory and its evidence. Nothing wrong with being ignorant, though, unless you stubbornly remain that way and masquerade as someone who isn't. Just go read and learn, dude. Seriously.
And if MJ actually had evidence that falsified evolution, scientists would absolutely LOVE to see it. No joke. Many particle physicists were hoping CERN didn't find the Higgs as that would lead to more interesting questions rather than just confirmation of the expected. That's something the dogmatic authoritarian bible thumpers don't seem to grasp. Scientists generally love major upheaval in their fields--but only when it's based on real evidence and not the bullshit...
  See, not only are you on the wrong side of the issue, you are arrogant about your wrongheadedness.  Evolution is science.  It's VERY well supported.  You clearly don't understand it, don't want to understand it, or both.   How much have you actually studied evolution?  Where?  With what resources?  Have you learned everything you think you need to know about it from the likes of Ken Hovind, the Discovery Institute, or that idiot kid from Growing Pains?  
Now, MJ, you're not a lost cause.  You can still learn and gain an understanding of biology.  Here are some resources that may help.     http://evolution.berkeley.edu/ http://www.talkorigins.org/origins/faqs-qa.html
Then you, sir, deny science.  Case closed.
MJ, you never responded.  Do you agree that the scientific theory of evolution is overwhelmingly supported by mountain ranges of evidence, and serves as the foundation for and is absolutely integral to modern biology?   MJ, you made an assertion that you do not deny science.  Yet, in the past, you have repeatedly denounced evolution.  The two statements are mutually exclusive.  Have you deepened your understanding of evolution and now see where you were wrong in the...
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