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Once again, MJ values the freedom to be discriminatory in a racist fashion over those hurt by the racism.
Some folks can't tell the difference because they live their lives in the fantasy section.  Regardless, some interesting findings were reported last week.  We have narrowed down the age of the universe to 13.82 billion years.         The whole article is excellent, so I highly recommending reading the whole thing.  What's beautiful, though, is that this is truly science in action.  Were we wrong that the universe was 13.7 billion years old?  Yes, when we didn't state the...
How is an isolated incident a counterexample to a claim of rarity?
 Well, thousands upon thousands more children would die due to lack of proper healthcare in a "**** you, I've got mine" system of no government.
 Well, when they want to eliminate funding for meal assistance and dog pounds...money talks.
I also wonder why the Vuvuzela didn't complain about MJ's blogpsam here.  Curious.  
With regard to funding and the ridiculous notion of a global conspiracy of scientists, Phil Plait wrote a nice little post about that a while back.      
Pretty moving pictures with a voice-over for those who prefer that medium:     The evidence is clear: the sun is not responsible for the climate change experienced over the last 30 years.
Myth:  The sun is driving current climate change.       Here's the simple version:   Here's a slightly a snippet from a more complex one...click the intermediate tab to find this:         So, anyone still claiming that the Sun is the driver of the last 30 years of climate change is grossly misinformed.  Anyone who, after seeing the evidence now, continues to make such a claim is willfully ignorant and/or a big fucking liar. 
The haters are now helping.       Though, as quoted earlier in the article, it would be much better if people like Congressman Portman would have thought about other people's feelings before he was directly affected by the consequences of his party's bigotry.  It's great that Portman is now suddenly in favor of marriage equality.          Paul Krugman also said it quite well...      
New Posts  All Forums: