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What the doctor did was not abortion--it was murder. See, the difference is the babies were...wait for it...BORN. Infanticide != Abortion.   (assuming that the assertions made in the article are true--don't have the time or desire to research that right now)
 I like how "listen to the scientists!!!!" is really "listen to the 3% of experts that sort of loosely agree with me and ignore the 97% of experts that don't!"  You don't get to play the "listen to the scientists" card and then call 97% of them retards.  You're going all in with a 7 high against a straight flush.  I call.  You lose.
I see absolutely no problem with half of those quotes and the other half are rather tame as far as internet comments are concerned.  Gay shaming literally does kill children.  The psychological abuse that goes on in churches can be far, far worse than physical abuse.  Furthermore, when churches do make political statements and violate their IRS deal, they should pay severe penalties and lose their tax-exempt statuses.     One does not have to be tolerant of...
Awesome.  I hope your daughter goes all in next year.  
Carbon dioxide does not care how I feel about myself.  It also doesn't care when a brilliant scientist in one field oversteps his expertise and makes a fool of himself in another.  More distractions.  More woo.  Please try to keep that sort of thing isolated in one of the anti-science denialist threads.
That is impressive--both the kid's project and that you run the science fair.  Good on you.  I don't want to cast aspersions, but is it safe to assume that the science fair avoids being one of these things?
Ok, let's pause from the latest thread invasion of the repugnant anti-science lobby (Mr. One Note in case it isn't obvious) and instead focus on remembering a man who died recently.  Don Glaser invented one of the most important devices used by particle physicists during the last century: the bubble chamber.        
  Before spouting off, try reading.      
Respone by Marcott. In addition to the information presented by Marcott, Tamino has presented several clear responses.Make that six excellent posts as of today. Here are the rest:http://tamino.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/for-the-record/http://tamino.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/too-little-time/http://tamino.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/smearing-climate-data/From the last post after a robust analysis:
Fantastic! Kepler (the space telescope) has helped us discover an Earth-sized white dwarf star around which a larger red dwarf star orbits. How? A ramification of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity--gravitational microlensing. Spacetime is bent by the large gravitational pull of the white dwarf and caused the light of the red dwarf to be focused as the white dwarf transited. Awesome. Science is real--and the universe is so much more amazing than the scribblings...
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