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Myth:  The sun is driving current climate change.       Here's the simple version:   Here's a slightly a snippet from a more complex one...click the intermediate tab to find this:         So, anyone still claiming that the Sun is the driver of the last 30 years of climate change is grossly misinformed.  Anyone who, after seeing the evidence now, continues to make such a claim is willfully ignorant and/or a big fucking liar. 
The haters are now helping.       Though, as quoted earlier in the article, it would be much better if people like Congressman Portman would have thought about other people's feelings before he was directly affected by the consequences of his party's bigotry.  It's great that Portman is now suddenly in favor of marriage equality.          Paul Krugman also said it quite well...      
A new study shows that Hurricane Sandy was likely intensified due to the record melting of Arctic ice.  If not for the northern ocean's higher temperatures, Sandy most likely would have veered east like most other late season hurricanes.   http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=arctic-melting-stacked-weather-deck-in-favor-of-superstorm-sandy      
What a dumb video.  Maybe the assholes filming should have actually showed proper technique to those ladies instead of setting them up to get hurt.  This video does nothing to invalidate Biden's claims.  Of course, it's just Jazz making another low quality drive-by post without any commentary.  
Do you think that there is more evidence for certain economic hypotheses than there is for the scientific theory of evolution?
Ironic complaint there.
http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2012/12/11/climate_change_denial_why_don_t_they_publish_scientific_papers.html         Emphasis added to the last paragraph.
Nope.  More offtopic derailment.  GTFO.  Here are some quotes from the original article.      
No, you're just wasting everyone's time.  You did seem pretty defensive with your initial post, hence, the accusation of the tu quoque.  Regardless, comment on the actual topic or get the **** out of the thread.
New Posts  All Forums: