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Seems like someone here doesn't want to talk about science in the science thread. Shocking that it's the crazy creationist. I really hope you don't poison and abuse your children with your ignorant fairy tales.
You lie about science, and you lie about the IRS.  It was a conservative republican IRS agent who searched for the key words "tea party" and "patriot."     Of course, are you harming the world by teaching your kids creationism?  That's the topic in this thread.  
  Evolution is fundamental to all of biology.  Bill Nye made a great analogy:  disregarding the evidence for evolution is akin to a geologist denying plate tectonics.  Doing so in either case is untenable.
Well, you're not a woman (and lack the slightest shred of empathy), so of course you don't see a threat.
Ah, the broken record with no substance angle.  Interesting.  No, actually, not interesting.  
The notion that Obama is the most incompetent and radical president ever is also so fucking laughable.  Someone has really been drinking the Kool-Aid there.  Nixon started the EPA.  FDR's New Deal was far more sweeping than anything Obama has done.  Obamacare is straight out of the Heritage Foundation.  It's mind-blowing that you are such a blind partisan hack that you can't see Obama for the slightly right of center pragmatist he is.
Benghazi--not a scandal. IRS thing--no Obama involvement. NSA--would have happened if Mitt were in office.   I'm definitely not happy with Obama, but the alternative is just far worse.  With the reality-denying Republicans in office, we'd see the social safety net completely gutted, healthcare revoked from millions, global climate change completely ignored, the siphon of cash from the poor to the rich turned from medium to OH-****-THAT'S-FAST, the rights of women...
There's more than enough hate, both warranted and unwarranted, against Islam.  Currently, however, it's the American Taliban (conservative right-wing nutter supply-side Jesus freaks) that threatens my country--and these kinds of Christians are getting their oppressive views legislated across this country right now.  Yes, a subset of Muslims want to institute Sharia law in European countries.  That's not cool, but it's also not happening yet.  Currently, the American...
If only a word existed to encapsulate the deep struggle against Islam Hands is demonstrating in this thread...
New Posts  All Forums: