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http://www.newsweek.com/pentagon-report-us-military-considers-climate-change-immediate-threat-could-foster-277155   Clearly SDW also hates America and doesn't support our troops.
If he wants a response, he can post in the appropriate thread.  If he wants to be a dick and play games, he can keep doing it here.  We'll see where he posts next and what his true motivation is.   Edit:  I suppose we'll see yours, too.
Off topic. Try here. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/158146/franks-thread-for-accusations-against-liberals-and-other-sundry#post_2349329
Common thread: Discrimination & Disenfranchisement--BAD; Rejecting Discrimination & Disenfranchisement--GOOD.  Hmm...which group sides against gays and for voter suppression?  Conservatives you say?  Shocking.   Cry more tears of impotent rage.  Today is a good day.
Looks like MJ is just taking his cues from nutters like Bryan Fischer.     The top Youtube comment is priceless.    
Your silly name-calling games are your last refuge.  I'll just let you pathetically dwell there.  Enjoy.  You won't put a damper on this day.  The march of progress continues and you are being left behind, pissing into the wind.
Oh MJ, you clearly didn't comprehend (or bother to read) the article about not needing to tolerate your intolerance.  Of course, if all you have left is going to urban dictionary and calling me names, well, it's just another sign that you are beyond desperate.  You know, you can abandon your iron age desert-dweller beliefs and join us in the 21st century.  Nobody is stopping you but yourself.
Eh, I'd rather be wrong about that and right about marriage equality.  The latter is a far more important issue.  Score two for the good guys today.
I cheerfully scorn your complaints.
New Posts  All Forums: