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No, the strawman is painting the designers as being FUCKING IDIOTS who never thought that wind power doesn't work when it's not windy.     Your profound revelation was fucking obvious and pointless to even bring up, cupcake.  It was just as worthy of an eyeroll as my comment about windows.   You know when water wheels don't work?   .   That's some varsity MJ level profundity right there.
Funny.  Your entire post was really the strawman acting as if you made some fucking profound point.  What's ironic is that your comment, with the silly, sarcastic use of the image, is one of the most most vacuous arguments against utilizing wind power that exists.   MJ, when building your house, it's great to have large windows to let light in.  But, you know when windows don't help?     Take that, you pro-window people!
Quick, alert the engineers that wind-powered energy sources don't harvest energy when it's not windy! If not for MJ pointing this out, it's unlikely anyone would have even thought of that, let alone incorporated that fact in their designs and energy production projections! Back to the drawing board, I guess. Thanks, MJ. You sure saved us from disaster there with your amazing, not at all totally fucking obvious insight.
I assume you will say the same thing to MJ?  Or is your partisan hackery showing again?
Ah, MJ's catchphrase these days when he knows his arguments are childish and would rather focus on my tone to sidestep the criticism.  
Ah yes, the "technically and superficially correct but completely oversimplified, thus missing the goddamn point and failing to ask intelligent, appropriate questions" argument.     Better go tear down all the solar panels because they don't work at night, too.  Yes, let's all use the logic and reasoning ability of a two year old.  That'll serve our country well.
What puerile nonsense are you getting at?  Are you intentionally misspelling easy words to complete the effect of portraying a child with a dumb argument?  Is this your attempt at demonstrating Poe's Law?      
So you finally admit that Romney running one of the most dishonest campaigns in history was incredibly counterproductive to getting elected?  
Eh, the last statement is very questionable as there exists plenty of evidence of those who kill in the name of their mythology.  Regardless, he undoubtedly traumatized many witnesses.     Either way, it takes a whole lot of hate to do what he did, even if he were ill.
How can you hate a group of people so fucking much to do that?  That kind of religious fervor is a mental illness.
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