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"Disproven" elsewhere.  *sigh*  Yet you still cherry pick the data and don't blink an eye while doing so.  Your dogma is getting in the way of your understanding.
Tallest, how about you do a little easy reading yourself? Start here:  http://skepticalscience.com/Welcome-to-Skeptical-Science.html Since it seems like you want a complete education in climate science, why don't you just take advantage of these resources that already have it all laid out for you?
So when push came to shove, rather than watching the responses to misconceptions #11 and #12, you take your ball and go home because you don't like being called a science denier.  What's sad is that those are the two arguments you keep coming back to again and again, but you have found this wonderful excuse not to learn instead of taking the opportunity to grow as a person.   Life Pro Tip: Don't deny science if you don't want to be called a science-denier.   Just to...
You are continually restating misconceptions #11 and #12 from this video.  I have linked it from the exact spot where you need to watch (though apparently the website overrides it, so skip to 4:35 or just click this link: https://youtu.be/OWXoRSIxyIU?t=276).  If you continue to spout misconceptions #11 and #12 after this, we know you are the religious, science-rejecting zealot I thought you were.  
http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/co2-temperature.html  Sorry, SDW, just as you repeating that a divine Jesus exists over and over again doesn't make that true, neither does repeating that CO2 doesn't cause warming.  You're wrong on both counts.   And just like no amount of evidence will get you to renounce your sacred fairy tales, none will seemingly get you to stop denying global warming.   It's time we stop electing representatives who reject science.  Get out...
For those who do not understand the greenhouse effect:    
So you also want to do something about all the Christians funneling cash and an anti-gay (imprison and kill them) agenda to Uganda?  
http://www.newsweek.com/pentagon-report-us-military-considers-climate-change-immediate-threat-could-foster-277155   Clearly SDW also hates America and doesn't support our troops.
If he wants a response, he can post in the appropriate thread.  If he wants to be a dick and play games, he can keep doing it here.  We'll see where he posts next and what his true motivation is.   Edit:  I suppose we'll see yours, too.
New Posts  All Forums: