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http://www.dallasvoice.com/judge-lesbian-moms-partner-10147997.html         Ah, so if they were married, this "morality clause" would not be a problem for them.  Oops, marriage equality doesn't exist in Texas.         A homophobic conservative judge is willing to tear a family apart because of his bigotry.  "Morality clauses" perhaps should exist at all, but marriage equality would also disarm this heinous tactic.
If there were any doubts that marvfox was a fake account, they should dissolve away now.
France joins the civilized world.  Will you join us in the 21st century?
It's not a false dilemma when the voting system makes two parties a mathematical certainty, and voting for a third party has a spoiler effect.  Change the voting system, change the two party system.  It's simple as that.  It's just math.
http://www.startribune.com/politics/statelocal/207231321.html   I've been sadly neglecting this thread.  Since the last update, we've had Minnesota today, and Delaware and Rhode Island a few weeks back.     We've also had Uruguay, New Zealand, and Sao Paolo, Brazil join civilized modern society.  France is just around the corner.   Suck it, haters.  It's still not too late to stop being one.
Fellowship Church iBook?  He'd match with the Bush transformation and the Texas bit.  But the grove part would be Groverat I believe.
Almost as bad as Christians and conservatives incorrectly blaming the deaths caused by Hitler & Stalin on atheism.
And by taking measures I simply mean not allowing Christians to legislate the trampling on the rights of women and gays through educating the populace and winning elections.  Of course, MJ et al would never admit that's my goal.
Sure, let's wait until it gets to that point.  That's smart.
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