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You sound foolish. Ah, the classic "it's self-evident you are a dumbass" retort. Would you accept that response as a rebuttal to your arguments?
A quick reminder of the politics of fear and reckless prognostications.
Paraphrasing:  War will happen because we haven't puffed out our chests enough and already declared war.   Also, paragraphs are your friend.
Part of me feels sorry for you that you actually believe that last part.  I'm sorry that our educational system and culture failed you growing up.  You have missed the point entirely and continue to repeat your faulty comparison.  Time to end the cycle.
I would argue that more knowledge about sexual reproduction is superior to both less knowledge and untruths.  There exists empirical evidence to support comprehensive sexual education over abstinence-only sex education.  It's even worse when the psychologically damaging slut-shaming is built into the abstinence-only curriculum, either blatantly or as the omnipresent subtext.   There is no hypocrisy here to say that comprehensive sexual education is superior to...
Ah, the fallacy of the faulty comparison with a dose of Dunning Kruger thrown in.  Classic MJ.   Oh look, I can oversimplify things, too.  You want something.  Obama wants something.  You both want things.  Ergo, you're Obama.  Why do you fight so hard against the man you are?   It's the things that you want and the "values" I want legislated that make all the difference.  You are too fucking obtuse, willfully ignorant, or full of hyperpartisan bullshit to see...
Or, perhaps, you are drawn to false equivalencies as a moth to flame.  Maybe, just maybe, you just don't like getting called out on your bullshit and this is your pathetic attempt at deflecting attention away from it.  Some cockroaches scurry to dark corners when the light is shined on them.  You're standing up and hissing.  That doesn't change what you are and what you're doing.
They want to restrict sex education and birth control, then force women to carry fetuses to term, some not even wanting to make a life-of-the-mother exemption.  Others are interested in harming, threatening to harm, or have harmed doctors that perform abortion procedures.     You are kidding yourself if you call those Christians moderate.     Just yesterday the FBI stopped an anti-government extremists from carrying out acts of terror.     It's not just a racist, sexist...
No, I got your point. I found no value in it and chose to take it literally instead. I don't want to battle your ridiculous false equivalencies today.
New Posts  All Forums: