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      How old is the Earth?  There's really no debate unless you are a crazy religious nut.
The sense of sight has an Achilles heel.  
How old is the Earth?  "I don't know" is a willfully ignorant answer because you have been shown the age, which is thoroughly backed by scientific evidence.  If you have forgotten, the wikipedia entry is correct.  You can use your adult reference skills to find it again.  Any response other than the number backed by scientific evidence demonstrates you are the unrepentant liar.
Shocking that something so obvious would be taken into account and infrastructure designed around it.  No way that line of thought would happen within the green energy sector.  Shit, you better stop blabbing here on this forum and go sell yourself as a consultant to those wind energy companies.  They need your genius insights and will undoubtedly pay you heftily for them.
I suggest that MJ's attitude of dismissing green technology based on arguments that demonstrate the depth of insight of a remedial toddler is far too pervasive and accepted in American culture.  These are ridiculous arguments in the most literal sense--they are arguments that are worthy of ridicule.  People need to be called out for the ignorant shit they say.     I'd lean toward giving someone who is truly ignorant the benefit of the doubt, but MJ has a track record...
Cars have an Achilles heel.  
No, the strawman is painting the designers as being FUCKING IDIOTS who never thought that wind power doesn't work when it's not windy.     Your profound revelation was fucking obvious and pointless to even bring up, cupcake.  It was just as worthy of an eyeroll as my comment about windows.   You know when water wheels don't work?   .   That's some varsity MJ level profundity right there.
Funny.  Your entire post was really the strawman acting as if you made some fucking profound point.  What's ironic is that your comment, with the silly, sarcastic use of the image, is one of the most most vacuous arguments against utilizing wind power that exists.   MJ, when building your house, it's great to have large windows to let light in.  But, you know when windows don't help?     Take that, you pro-window people!
Quick, alert the engineers that wind-powered energy sources don't harvest energy when it's not windy! If not for MJ pointing this out, it's unlikely anyone would have even thought of that, let alone incorporated that fact in their designs and energy production projections! Back to the drawing board, I guess. Thanks, MJ. You sure saved us from disaster there with your amazing, not at all totally fucking obvious insight.
New Posts  All Forums: