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Your repeated use of the "at gunpoint" or "under threat of violence" meme indicates any amount of government funded through any amount of taxes is unacceptable to you.  Go live off the grid.
One is not free to leave a prison.  One is free to move elsewhere or live off the grid.  Flawed analogy is flawed.  One just happens to enjoy the benefits of society and bitch about having to pay for them.
You are free to move to Somalia or live off the grid.
I'm voting for the person who I have more in common with and against the one who wants to destroy workers' rights, the social safety net, and many other things I hold dear.  It's not a tough decision and I don't feel bad.
You don't understand the mathematical reality of a winner-takes-all system.  The spoiler effect cost this country far too much: eight years of Bush.  Sorry for being pragmatic.  I have a hard time with magical thinking--something that you appear to do quite easily.
I am not a registered Democrat.  They are not my party.  I accept the mathematical reality of a winner-takes-all system and am voting against the person who least represents my views.  Nice strawman you made of me.  I should come to expect that from you.
Yes, SDW.  I made a thread about that already.  Seems ironic that you make a big deal of this but just a few days ago laughed off the Ron Paul convention fiasco.  Hypocrite.
  That's your opinion.     Note, *MJ-trademarked reply comes free with MJ-trademarked sneer*
Not going to let you change the subject and start up a full fledged abortion debate between those Pro-Birth and Pro-Choice.
  The debt ceiling and the national debt are two very different things that were intentionally conflated to manufacture a crisis, take the country hostage, and eventually caused our credit rating to be lowered.  For someone who's soooooooooooo Independent, you bought the bullshit conflation hook, line, and sinker.
New Posts  All Forums: