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Why are you bringing up guns?  Oh right, you hate the government.  Everything devolves to that argument for you.   Yes, clearly we need armed guards in classrooms painting laser targets on children as they are forced to look at vaginas.  Hyperbole much?  You are utterly outrageous, MJ.  Insufferable, really.
Ah, the classic "no I'm not, stop lying" projection defense.     If you are for parental exemptions, you aren't for sex education for everyone.  You can't be for both.  See, because everyone means everyone.  Exemptions mean not everyone.  "Not everyone" does not mean "everyone".  I see how you can confuse the two, but don't call me a liar because you don't understand the word not. 
You are opposed to comprehensive sex education.  That means every child.  No exceptions.  It should not be optional.  If this is your position, please say so and I'll admit to being wrong.  
Abortions and comprehensive sex education are inversely related.  You are against the latter so the ramifications of that include more of the former.  It's not a non-sequitur--it's making you own up to the consequences of your ideas.
Ooh, let's let parents teach children how to drive, too--and it's just fine if some parents don't want to teach children about red lights. 
Right, so you are for more abortions.  Got it.  Pro-death MJ.
Ah, so you are in favor of comprehensive sex education including detailed discussion about contraceptive use and sex for pleasure?  I'll drop the snark and apologize immediately if you are.   Also, that video doesn't fit the series.  It would be more like:   How to prevent an unwanted pregnancy while having sex: Don't have sex.     That's what abstinence only sex education is.  It's one of the dumbest fucking things in this country.  And it's a proven failure.
MJ: You don't get to define the terms, I GET TO DEFINE THE TERMS!  I AM THE DEFINER!  I WILL IGNORE THE PRACTICAL THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE TO PREVENT ABORTIONS AND JUST CALL YOU PRO-DEATH INSTEAD BECAUSE THAT'S REALLY CONSTRUCTIVE!     Now introducing a new line of instructional videos by MJ1970!   How to prevent catching on fire while cooking on the stove: Don't cook on the stove.   How to prevent cutting a finger while chopping vegetables: Don't chop...
You are pro-death if you don't give comprehensive sex education including discussions about contraceptive use and sex for pleasure.  You are pro-death if you don't want contraceptives freely accessible to anyone who wants to use them.    Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions.  You refuse to take the steps that will prevent unwanted pregnancies.  You are pro-death.
Zygote.  Blastocyst.  Fetus.  It's not a baby when it's aborted.  Stop muddying the language.     And let me reiterate my edit here:   You want to stop abortion?  Give real, comprehensive sex education that includes honest discussion about contraceptives and sex for pleasure.  Reduce unwanted pregnancies and you reduce abortions.  If you don't choose to follow that path, you aren't serious about reducing abortion--you are just displaying your anti-sex agenda.
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