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http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57506882-503544/democrats-reinstate-god-and-jerusalem-language-in-party-platform/ Cowards. Hypocrites. Fucking first-past-the-post voting system forcing me to still vote for them in most races. Still better than the GOP, but damn...this was a missed opportunity to make a stand against religion poisoning politics.
If it happens, the Republicans will have pulled off the greatest con of the last hundred years.  Republicans NEVER supported Obama the way Democrats fell in line behind Bush after 9/11.  There was no effort for compromise.  It was party first, country second as evidenced by the debt ceiling debacle and an abject refusal to help pass a jobs bill.     If Romney gets elected, America will indeed be truly fucked.  Kiss the rest of the middle class goodbye.  Kiss all the...
Why?  Are we no longer a sovereign nation?
Without Reagan forcing the brokered convention, he would not have had the political clout to succeed in 1980.  Your political party had rules.  They also had a process for changing the rules.  They ignored both.   Hell, your candidate should FUCKING LOVE WHAT RON PAUL DID.  He found every loophole possible for his own personal gain.  Sound familiar?  Romney's taxes?  You have no problem with finding every goddamn loophole in the tax code and shortchanging America as...
False dichotomy.  We can still be the strongest military power in the entire world even if we were to cut our military spending by 2/3.
    The author of the article says this as if it's a bad thing.
Or could it be frustration vis-à-vis Republicans attempting to rewrite reality?  Yeah, it's that.  Definitely that.
I'm claiming that we can cut our spending significantly and still have the overwhelming military might that you think is necessary.  If we suddenly had 5 aircraft carriers, do you think that the "terrorists" will suddenly feel empowered?  That's still 3 more than any other country has.
Indeed.  Furthermore, they are not going to invade our borders.  Conventional defense is irrelevant.  All those guns and aircraft carriers and military might projections sure prevented 9/11, didn't it?
Where would you cut things then?  I disagree that we need ten, but let's hear what you feel is reasonable to cut, muppetry.
New Posts  All Forums: