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Do we need 11?  With 3 more on the way?   Want to know what's also effectively counter-terrorist?  Making the world a better place to live in for everyone.  Inspiring and educating the next generation.  Cutting back on the rampant jingoism that has plagued our nation and the rest of the world for far too long.
This is what desperation looks like:   Insert talking points that have been proven false again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.     While there may be merit to the many-worlds hypothesis, there is little evidence that they coexist in the same universe, no matter how much Republicans want to claim their own separate parallel set of "facts". The simpler explanation, that does not involve an incursion from another universe by members of...
I think that we can start by not operating 11 aircraft carriers--more than the rest of the world has operating combined.  The size of our military is outrageous--and it's meant to fight conventional wars that are so 20th century.
  If not for the rule that was just changed, you never would have had your precious Saint Reagan.  So yes, look the other way because in your view the issue didn't matter--but this sets a terrible precedent (or, really, perpetuates one because similar voice-vote fraud has been going on in Michigan for the last couple years).  If you don't like the rules or don't consider the issue important enough, you get to ignore the rules.  Yeah, that's fucking scary shit.   The...
Both.  There is absolutely no reason we need to spend more on defense than nearly the entire world combined.  Cut our military spending in half and we still spend more than the next 4 countries combined.
Apparently you didn't because you aren't in favor of gutting our defense spending to much more reasonable levels.
So you have no problems with the false vote on the rule change?  If the rules aren't convenient, ignore them or change them without due process?  
Ah, here we go again with SDW speaking out of both sides of his mouth.   "What a massive achievement that Romney didn't talk about war at the convention!  He's no warmonger!"   "We aren't confronting Iran with enough requisite strength!"   Yeah...you don't see a problem with your last two statements?  Really?
That clearly negates everything he said about Iran and Russia during the entire road to the primary, right?  Just because you want to desperately emulate Ronald Reagan so damn much doesn't mean you have to pretend to have Alzheimer's, too.
SDW does not care that Paul Ryan brazenly lies to the American public.
New Posts  All Forums: