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Another attempt to derail the thread.  Not taking the bait.
Tu Quo Fucking Que. In every Fucking thread. Stop.Oh, muppetry beat me to it.
The truth just absolutely does not matter to him or the Republican party die-hards.     Lying about the debt commission.   Doubles down on lying about the credit downgrade.   Lies about the Janesville plant closing.   And many more!!!   What's worse is that Paul Ryan has been called out on many of these lies before and yet continues to repeat them over and over again, thinking you are all too dumb, lazy, or partisan to spit out the diarrhea he is...
I may be wrong about the no true scotsman, but you were using a strawman instead.  You're playing games.
Been waiting for you to do so.  Instead, fallacies.
He said capital L.  You said lowercase l.  So my bad, strawman on your part instead.
No True Scotsman!  HAT TRICK!
False equivalence.  You're on fire!
Ah, your favorite.   http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/tu-quoque      
SDW just won't acknowledge that the GOP isn't necessarily upset at Akin for his views but rather with being so transparent about what so many of them actually believe.  
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