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Someone COMPLETELY misunderstands the "Akin standard" and how it applies to the rest of the Republican party.  Your conclusion is utterly absurd.  If there's even a modicum of sincerity behind this thread, we are witnessing the ravings of someone who is hopelessly partisan and blind to logic and reason.
Disagree.  The planks of the Republican platform, vague as they may be, do not align whatsoever with the views you have espoused.  I absolutely do not believe what I said is false.  President Obama is Black Bob Dole.  Your views align much more with his than Romney's and the extreme Republican agenda.
Except he only plays one irritating note.
My money is on Vuvuzela-man. Remember when he lied about his wife and fucked with everyone's emotions? He has the track record for this.
Yes, after the book deals.  No, not with what he did with his life leading up to it.  And again, way to take "you-didn't-build-that" completely out of context.  He essentially said "no man is an island."  Are you really going to argue with that?
False equivalence.  The two situations are not analogous.  Listen to the first five minutes of Dan Savage's podcast this week--it fills in the details.  In fact, he argues that the gay attacker should be prosecuted under the very same hate crime legislation that the Family Research Council opposes.
Indeed.  Even if a fetus were to be considered a person--a person has no right to occupy your body, take your energy, and threaten your life without your consent.   Also, don't you love how MJ quickly changed the subject away from him advocating keeping children in the dark?  When one's worldview is threatened by the free flow of information, there's something seriously wrong with that worldview.
Knowledge! It burns!
In other words, you support Barack Obama's position more than Mitt Romney's, but you've bought into the Republican Bullshit Machine and think our president is a socialist when in reality he's Black Bob Dole.
Incorrect, SDW.  On Mike Huckabee's radio show, Akin said that he meant "forcible rape" when he said "legitimate rape".  Your spin is bogus.
New Posts  All Forums: