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  You're being really generous with that label.  
We both do have these white supremacist assholes that commit acts of domestic terrorism like those of last week in Wisconsin and Missouri.
Back on topic:           So, up until then, apparently, the alien god from the planet/star Kolob did not approve of black people.  So, what, he just changed his mind?  Eh, being racist is hurting profits so better stop that and focus on hating on the gays instead.
Right out of the right-wing playbook--accuse your opponent of the mistakes you make, dodging the issue.  It is you, MJ, who lives in a fantasy world in which all humans behave rationally and will not **** each other over for profit.
I'm accusing others of cherry picking because others are cherry picking.  It's just that simple.  There's a lovely podcast from the BBC that discusses how inconclusive all these gun-control studies either way really are.     http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/radio4/moreorless/moreorless_20120727-1635a.mp3
I see you are invoking the Pee-Wee Herman defense.  Intriguing.  
Again, how interesting that you espouse a hardcore libertarian philosophy that requires humans to behave rationally and not dick each other over in the name of corporate profits--and yet you lecture me about good intentions and utopias.  Doubling down on that irony, are we?
I see the two of you are taking lessons from the Vuvuzela.  You really shouldn't be proud of that.
Cherry picking.  
Funny that you bold "it's only reality that counts".  How deliciously ironic.
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