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I think it's very important that everyone has access to healthcare.  I view it as a universal human right--any society that deems itself civilized must respect that.  Mitt Romney went a long way to help that cause when he was governor of Massachusetts.  I wish it cut out the insurance middlemen, but it was an excellent step in the right direction.   I urge everyone in this thread to remain sincere and leave the snark at the door.  I invite SDW, particularly, to come...
Way to misinterpret.  Only those who feel that making Obama a 1 term president is the highest priority are the morons, jackasses, and/or the hoodwinked.  The conservatives who didn't vote for Obama but still wished for some bipartisanship and supported the president are not counted among those.
Millions of morons, jackasses, and the hoodwinked.  Those who would compromise their own ideals to do so--vote against their own policies--don't have the health and welfare of the nation at heart.  Fact is, Obama is center-right.  He's also black and has the letter "D" next to his name.  Finally, although he is pretty corporate friendly (just look at the lack of prosecutions against those who put us in this mess), he's also not willing to sign over America's deed to the...
What?  That money goes right to the banks anyway, but it also helps out the regular folks.  If you were in favor of bailing out the banks--which you were--why not bail them out via handling the mortgage issues at the consumer level?
SDW, you are hopeless.  You hate everything Obama does and won't give him credit for anything.  There was a long list of bills that were passed--many of them were quite good for the country.  You refuse to believe any of it.  This is religious thinking at its finest.  You have a pre-established conclusion and deny all evidence that might contradict it.  This thread is pointless.
Could you let those cloud your discussions about religion?
Dodd Frank:   Propose meaningful financial reforms. Republicans do their best to underfund it and limit its scope and enforcement. Final bill does a decent job, but doesn't have the teeth it should have. Republicans claim bill is ineffective and an example of Obama's failing.     Gee.  That's the Republican playbook since Obama took office.   Sabotage America. Blame Obama. Hope the country doesn't notice or forgets quickly.   Well, I remember...
And **** the poor saps who lose their jobs, health insurance, homes, and families.  Everyone for themselves!
The whole point behind the government bailouts was that there wasn't the private capital out there due to the banking crisis.  
TARP was passed under Bush.  The auto bailouts got stiff opposition.  Especially from Mitt Romney.  Then he tried to take credit for them later.  What a wacky guy.
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