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Yes, spin.  Politicians (with a much larger contribution from the Republican side) feel free to spew garbage and lies and aren't held accountable.  If this guy doesn't believe in abortion--fine.  Just don't fucking make up some bullshit story about how women's bodies automatically reject rape babies, further implying that those women who were raped and did get pregnant weren't "legitimately raped", whatever-the-**** that means.  
Seriously, marv, drop the charade.  You can't be real.  Vuvuzela, that you?
Nice try, MJ.  Spin, spin, spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!  Distract!  Change the subject!  Why are you defending this tea party jackass?  You allegedly aren't beholden to the Republican party.   Like Berger said, which doctors told Akin this?  Whose licenses to practice medicine should be revoked?  Or was this guy just making up more bullshit because facts don't matter to the Republican party?
Repeating that it's a massive problem over and over again while the evidence says otherwise does not make it true.  Systematic disenfranchisement by Republicans of those who are more likely to vote Democrat is a far greater issue--and don't forget the election fraud that is easily perpetrated through the use of closed-source voting machines.  There's more security in a Las Vegas slot machine than there is in a voting machine.
Liberal media my ass.
Skip to 2 minutes for the relevant section.     So, this sitting representative and potential senator claims that his understanding is that in cases of "legitimate rape", a woman's body will prevent the pregnancy.  Now he claims he "misspoke".  I claim that this person isn't fit for public office in any capacity whatsoever. 
MJ, participate on topic or get the **** out.
Here's a nice rundown by Soledad O'Brien.   Link fixed.
The ACA does not cut $700B from medicare.  It's an absurd accusation and a tacit admission by the Republicans that they cannot defeat Obama if they run on reality.   Let's say I go to the same restaurant every day for lunch and it costs $10.  I make a deal with the restaurant stipulating that if I guarantee all of my friends will also buy lunch there every day, my lunch will only cost $5.  I used to pay $10.  I now pay $5.  I still get the same food.     Would...
New Posts  All Forums: