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Factor in the job losses, the unemployment that would have resulted, the losses in revenue, and the increases in welfare until your magical new auto companies ramp up--if they even would.  It's not like there's a shortage of well-built, cheap, foreign automobiles.  There's no reason to assume that big new American auto manufacturers would have been born from this collapse.
Nearly everything related to the economy and the deficit.
Yes, the 8 second clip is clearly all I have.  Ignore the track record of the last 4 years in which ideas that Republicans came up with themselves were chastised as socialism because now the president wanted to implement them.  Give me a fucking break.  And don't forget about the completely manufactured debt ceiling crisis.
BIG NUMBERS SCARY!  Look at the bigger picture, though.  What would the cost be to America in the long term if we had lost GM & Chrysler completely?
It's one thing to have some opposition.  It's another to take it to the extreme like this:     Note that the top political priority was neither to recover from the recession nor get people back to work.  It was to make Obama a one-term president.  When an opposition party's top priority isn't the health and welfare of the nation, that's a fucking problem.
No we can not .
That, too.  Instead of printing money to give to the banks, they should given it to the people for specific use toward debt related to existing mortgages and college loans. 
Obama prolonged the recession?  That's fucking rich.  Mitch McConnell made it priority #1 for Republicans to block anything the president tried to do.  The manufactured debt crisis hurt America.  The refusal to put forth jobs bills while dicking around with abortion and contraception bills hurt America.  Republicans have prolonged this fucking recession.  Are you completely blind to reality?
The Ryan plan keeps those same cuts and asks for more.  Is Romney not running on the Ryan plan that he previously endorsed?  Here's five instances in which Romney endorsed the Ryan plan.  Oh, also, here's Romney saying he would pay no taxes under the Ryan plan.  Well, he exaggerated a bit.  It would have been 0.82% last year.
  You're being really generous with that label.  
New Posts  All Forums: