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What's really scary is this thread.  These are some sick fantasies that are exposing a pretty awful part of the right-wing psyche.  
Except, Floorjack, there wasn't private money available at the time to handle a private GM restructuring.  This was at the height of the banking crisis.  
So, boner much dreaming up all that nonsense?
  Oh good, you already responded to your own post.       Agreed.  Social security, medicare...not nothing.  Not nothing at all.
The Bush tax cuts combined with the deregulation and pointless wars is what took our country away from a path toward eliminating the national debt.  Every service that gets cut in an effort to balance the budget now is placing more burden on the lower income brackets.     Furthermore, broadening the base means raising taxes on the poor.  There's no way around that.  
Class warfare you say?  Yup.  By the rich.  Against the everyone else.  An independent study of Romney's tax proposal shows a 5% decrease in taxes for the wealthiest of the wealthy while everyone else feels a greater burden.  Yup.  That's class warfare indeed.  By the rich.  Against everyone else.
Quoted for unwarranted misogynist ad hominem posterity.
Jazz, you fail to acknowledge that there is more than one way to achieve that goal.  You only look for the way that involves no government intervention.  Repealing DOMA and affirming the equal protection clause also would get us to the same place.  
The implication of praising Israeli Healthcare is tacit approval of its healthcare system.  Try as you might, you won't weasel your way out of this one.  
Observe, above, the final move of someone who has nothing of value to say nor any interest to have intelligent discourse.  
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