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Just a technical note: It could be possible that the Pencil doesn't do the gestures from the edge because it overlaps with its ability to draw close to the edges. In other words, the way it reads that your finger is coming from the edge (80% sure) is by reading a tiny half blotch reading from someone's finger rather than a "full blotch". The pencil tip would register that way all the time right? Even when you are just trying to do a little shading near the edge of the...
Why do camera companies release youtube videos with such stunningly bad video quality? Will it really look this bad through their cameras? And yes, I switched to 1080p. Device looks very cool, just hope it doesn't produce imagery as horribly artifact-filled and smudgy as is shown in their own promotional video.
Many know this already, but I'm seeing posts suggesting they don't know: If there is a pen it will certainly be tightly integrated and a pretty big deal with software support needed in many places and new hardware involved with the iPad as well. The reason iPad pens are currently horrible is because they are trying to use hardware and software developed for the use of finger presses.   From the pictures the rumors paint, this is probably a good reason that 9.1 will match...
The word "surrounding" is what messes it up. The goal I think is to invoke "where there's smoke, there's fire" because, you know, it's still just rumors. So thicker smoke means more of a chance of an actual fire (actual product info).What you are thinking is "the fog has cleared". ;)
If this could remain $25 and transfer the info to my phone via bluetooth whenever I cleared the screen it might be something. I've looked at these before and they are always just shy of something I could see myself using regularly.
You mean one dimension may be off by one pixel? (iPad Air and mini are 4:3 and with one pixel more 2049 Pro would also be exactly 4:3 as you state)There seems to me to be a benefit at keeping that one pixel off to remain at 2048, however. It means an entire regular iPad app could fit on one side of the screen when in landscape (more than half) without a one pixel offset to throw things off. Would be convenient for the 2-up configuration possible now.Anything taking...
Why? Mini is great. I want a new Pro, but my wife uses the mini for all sorts of stuff and it's much more portable and useful in her classroom than a big one would be. She's plenty serious about it and larger won't be better for her. For myself the plus phone size makes it so I rarely use an iPad, but it's too small for what she does. I think you aren't going to find some one-size-fits-all scenario here. Apple really likes that scenario and seems to prefer it but look how...
Bring it. As much as I just want an awesome stylus with a big iPad screen because I want to use it for art and design with the support of the awesome iOS app community... I'm just fascinated with how Apple is going to present this and differentiate it. I keep thinking enterprise plus artist which is pretty incongruent. Should be a fun product reveal.
You know. I'm just not seeing it here. Samsung has done a lot of work here already and if you make a circular watch an interface like that is almost inevitable. Plus, it seems it's a dial paradigm rather than a shifting grid. It seems a deliberate differentiation was made, honestly. I was just thinking earlier this week how Apple's interface seems future proof for a circular design, though.
Give me a non-mobile dedicated video card option -- yeah, I know -- and I'll be looking at these again. So frustrating not to have that middle ground Mac.
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