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Right. It does work consistently now, but I _can't_ speed up selection and copying and pasting because it relies on multiple long presses and sometimes moving to finger-obscured text. This gives me a way to speed it up and potentially be simpler to boot. Can't wait to try it out.
If it's better than the current system for selecting text which is awkward and clunky sometimes and always slow, I'm all for it. It's an improvement that won't hurt anyone who won't use it.
And Apple isn't going to introduce a stylus unless it has some notable advantages. Not only that, but the developers of art apps on iOS are so much more responsive and active compared to other platforms even trying hard to support the wide and horrible selection of styluses that try to work inside the capacitive touch meant for fingers. The downside, of course, is the speed of graphics and processor compared to Macs/PCs but I'm very, very curious what Apple has in store here.
I saw the drawing in notes and said to myself, "that happened because the stylus is coming because the iPad Pro is coming." This fits in that category as well. Then, there was the divided screen multitasking coming to exactly one model of iPad. If the iPad Pro is real and coming this Fall and has been delayed as much as it seems behind the scenes all of these tech additions came from work towards its release. Of course it can apply to other models and uses, but it makes...
This is good. Pressure on Apple in this space is good. Apple needs to flip the switch on photos and make it work somehow because the whole system seems set up for exactly what Google is now offering. I'm just not sure how Apple can make it work financially. It _is_ a different model. Google wants you sucked into their space so they can confront you with constant ads. Apple wants you to love their hardware. Should be an interesting WWDC keynote after this announcement.
I really want a stylus on the iPad. At this point, I'm anticipating something pretty impressive as Apple wouldn't enter the space unless there was something better about than other solutions. Problems it could overcome: lag (pencil line trails pen stroke by significant amount on most current solutions) offset between tip and pixels being effected feel of the screen under tip (smooth glass is very different than paper) Problems with accidental press of buttons on...
Save for the resolution I was watching at, that is a top notch little YouTube show. Pacing, staging, photography. Really nice. Everything was top notch from Apple as far as I could tell. That charging magnet looks a little bigger when not in promotional videos, but it seems well thought out.
He was right. Has nothing to do with offering a good stylus for a Pro iPad.He was talking about requiring a stylus for input and iOS has long since proved that a multipurpose OS on a mobile device shouldn't require accessories or pinpoint accuracy with pointing. It should as natural as holding a pad of paper. Yep. Everything that followed followed the same path to success, didn't it?Now comes an iPad specifically for Pro uses. It will _still_ rely on touch input for most...
Really hoping for a stylus option this time. Maybe something clever in combination with force touch. I've put off other devices for too long. If it doesn't have it, I'm giving in. Wacom has some very nice options now.
 Me too. I'm tired of almost working styluses on iPad. I get that it's not for everyone, but a Pro version of the iPad is exactly the excuse needed to offer a stylus that is perfect for artists and notetakers. It has the low latency, the beautiful screens, the best most quickly developing software. Just no real stylus or mechanism for accurate sensing of one. I'll be sorely disappointed if the iPad Pro arrives without at least an option to buy a stylus that is truly...
New Posts  All Forums: