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Buy Yahoo and clean up a huge mess of subsidiaries; it would take all of Apple's $175 billion cash pile. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Yahoo! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Yahoo!-owned_sites_and_services When was this discussed?
Maybe Beats will be Apple's music producers; signing new acts.
thank you, just what we need in a snow storm.
DAMNIT mstone. DONT FUCKING DO THAT PUT UP A WARNING OR SOME THING Walking Dead and True Blood are less disgusting. 
Apple doesn't have to move Macs to ARM. Don't waste the time, money and man-power on it. Tablets and phones are moving to take over popular computing devices. Macs and PCs will be a regulated to small niches; such as pro and enterprise uses. That is why Intel is trying so hard to push Atom into tablets.   At the rate Apple is pushing the A-chips, it will be more powerful than any  x86 in a few years. You can do all the pro and enterprise in iPads. 
When's the next billion download giveaway! Or maybe a 10 millionth iTunes Radio subscriber giveaway?
So they didn't spend any money to develop a curriculum on how to use the new tools. Developing curriculums are suppose to be what educators do best. There has to be something wrong with this statement. Spending $400 million to get a discount is just insane. 
Originally Posted by JBDragon  $18-$20 to drive a bus around?  That's not enough?  Seems to much for a zero skill job!  You know exactly where you're going and do the same thing over and over and over again.    I guess what they want to do is price themselves right out of the market!!!    These company's could create their own service for example.    Unions will literally drive a business out of business in their greed for ever more money!!!  There's many examples of...
Unions are not asking for the wage levels of engineers doctors. No union members has ever gotten rich. Whatever their faults are, unions are not outsourcing jobs, keeping wages low while CEO salaries go up thru the roof. Unions don't cause world wide recessions through market manipulation. For those of you that think the teacher unions are so bad, maybe you should outsource them to India. That's actually how it works. When one sector gets more wealth, it has more money to...
Apple's switcher commercials never worked. This isn't gonna work either. The iPod side-stepped the PC/Mac war. iPhone and iPad changed what computers and general electronics are; and thrust in Apple's dominance. 
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