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The Top Ten List of Lists that List the Most Click-Baits. 
I'll buy 2 of these; put them in front of my eyes and call them Google Glasses.
What exactly are these patents? the links don't say much more.
Where's the Windows Phone feature of this? Did i miss the announcement?
How do i delete an extension i don't like? Do i have to delete the whole app? 
NO! don't take away the Simpsons/Asian dominance.
Google is the company that has hundreds of products in perpetual beta; then cancels them. He has the balls to say to Steve Jobs that Apple is not doing enough stuff? F--K OFF Larry.
2,000 furnances? How big are they?
Apple can take down a whole country's economy. I really do want Apple to take the blame for this.    Pass the high-fives, and vodka around the room  get naked and celebrate. 
Will my Prime Membership let me cut the line; or will there be a special line? If there is a special line will i have to get a special ID that say I am a Prime member? Do i put all my purchase in a drone so it will be at my house before i get home with the possibility that everything on the lawn will be stolen? 
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