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Where's the Windows Phone feature of this? Did i miss the announcement?
How do i delete an extension i don't like? Do i have to delete the whole app? 
NO! don't take away the Simpsons/Asian dominance.
Google is the company that has hundreds of products in perpetual beta; then cancels them. He has the balls to say to Steve Jobs that Apple is not doing enough stuff? F--K OFF Larry.
2,000 furnances? How big are they?
Apple can take down a whole country's economy. I really do want Apple to take the blame for this.    Pass the high-fives, and vodka around the room  get naked and celebrate. 
Will my Prime Membership let me cut the line; or will there be a special line? If there is a special line will i have to get a special ID that say I am a Prime member? Do i put all my purchase in a drone so it will be at my house before i get home with the possibility that everything on the lawn will be stolen? 
The port was probably finished before ios8 and Metal was announced. The event was only 3 or 4 months ago. If they want to do all the work to update it; it will take a year to do it.
I have been using eyeTV for 7 or 8 years now. Its one of the most intuitive and easiest software on any platform.  The recording quality is great. The are many options for coverting, but i found that Handbrake is still better. 
New Posts  All Forums: