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What more satisfying than making them eat their words are watching their products fail and their CEOs kick out.
try to win another $20 million by buying a million lottery tickets.
This will teach those crooks not to steal any more truck loads of Playbooks.
Its more like a double flushing toilet
QFT Kodak made photography availible to the rest of the public. 35mm film enable images from around the world. Before that you have to carry everything on a mule, literally. Steve Sasson invented the digital camera at Kodak. I have always wonder how Kodak was keeping it self a float over the years. Its still a shock.
WTF At first glance I though the picture was comparing screen sizes with the smaller iPhone.
Part of the annoucement will be the iGive program that will do automatically donate to your designated charities, like bill payments. But most will use the iDontgiveadamn app instead.
Dead People make a lot of money this year. 1.Michael Jackson $270 Million 2.Elvis Presley $60 mil 3.J.R.R. Tolkien 4.Charles Schulz 5.John Lennon 6.Stieg Larsson 7.Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) 8.Albert Einstein 9.George Steinbrenner 10.Richard Rodgers 11.(tie)Jimi Hendrix 11.(tie)Steve McQueen 13.Aaron Spelling forbes.com
Sounds like a new epic spy novel involving hot ________, cool ________ and exploding _______!
You are still thinking of it in the current PS3/360 platform terms. By leveraging its iOS developers Apple TV/game won't compete directly with them. It won't need the big studios. Of course "hardcore" gamers and the media will dismiss it in some way.
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