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Why can't Apple make it a tv/game console, or just game console out of it? Using some of the similar components as the iPod touch, and iOS, would that be an easy port? New game store, new money stream. All the other digital stores at least break even. What sort of controller would it use? A Wii style controller for those that don't have an iDevice? A iPhone/iPod/iPad screen with customized control?
LOL and some people complain about US government interference in business. On the other hand, maybe we can do the same thing and bring back some manufacturing jobs to the US.
No. Apple can make 5% less profit and treat their costumers better. But I guess they don't teach costumer relations in business 101. Or you can post 5% less comments.
LOL That made my night.
T-Mobile IS NOT a money losing business unit. That's just smoke and mirrors. Don't ever believe anything corporation says. Profits are down but they are not in the red. Their quarterly reports say so on their own site
Innuendo is an Italian aria from the Barber of Seville. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOov6..._order&list=UL (with english lyrics)
That is a good point. Is this a dedicated device? Has the FAA ban distracted flying?
I want that app and be 22 years old again.
So Amazon is enabling kids to play with Fire. Have a cigarette.
"Originally, Samsung licensed the industry-essential patents to Qualcomm, which supplies the baseband chip in the iPhone 4S, but claims it terminated the agreement in regards to Apple's use of the intellectual property. " So Samsung should have sued Qualcomm for selling a product to Apple. Morons! Does this mean that Apple never licensed Samsung's patents directly or indirectly thru FRAND?
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