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Did another Elop become CEO of Delta? 
PLEASE DON'T GO! Ballmer can lead MS down a slow death spiral. He's the John Sculley of MS. 
Art Levinson ; a biochemist; chairman of biotechnology giant Genentech is on Apple's board is advising Apple on this new policy, right?
MS stores would make money IF they just start selling iPads. 
I hate the freemium model on any app store. I am not gonna buy freemium hardware. 
The problem with a watch, as we know it, is the lack of screen real-estate; unless you have a clock/watch as big as Flavor Flav. The iphone4 and Nintendo DS is just barely usable. 
There's also the 10 rings that comes with the watch for control, 2 earings for stereo audio, nose cap camera...
NNNNOOOOOO......! Ballmer could keep MS a second-rate or third-rate player until its death knell. 
  Except the wife, she "would thrash them within inches of their lives." Ballmer is cuckold by a Apple-user-wife. 
just part of Apple's stock-buy-back-program!
New Posts  All Forums: