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APPLE devices continue to grow year over year yet its stock is stuck around $250 forever. Does apple have to be a monoply to get pass that?
a corporation calls its proprietary products open and some people actually believes them.
Flash will be open standard when Adobe can't make any money from it, like Postscript and PDF.
/chuckles That's a good one. Why would apple invest in Verizon when its international sales keeps growing!
The only ones that needs to lighten up are the posters on this thread.
A lot of streaming services has "beaten" Apple to it. Why dont you just say another subscription service will try to challenge Apple's owner model. Or Apple will compete with itself with a streaming and subscription.
All of California law enforcement and the judge that issue the warrent are Apple users. Apple bribe them with free iPads to bash Gizmodo.
Gush is such a loaded word.
WAAA! There are iPads prancing around me!
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...e_doubles.html MS obviously read this survey about iphone potential to high schoolers.
New Posts  All Forums: