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"You are buying a family" Dave is still the best. His humor bites like good satire should.
Why are AI and WSJ so gullible? keep up the good work
This is the reason it will get rejected. ditto
what are radio stations?
its not as bad as the Ford Explorer rollovers or exploding Pintos.
No, only superior hospital workers can provide superior health care. Giving superior devices to incompetent workers will not provide superior service.
Damn it! this has been going on since the iPhone came out. Just stop reporting on those paid shills for christ sake.
christmas is over. there will be no tablets or slates.
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._decision.htmlNokia's real future!
This story is just a load of BS. The police would never do any of the thing she described. From the Consumist.... No, the NYPD will not search the area for a purse snatch. The thief is long gone by the time they get there. The only protocol is filing a report. What happen between calling apple and the police showing up? The police would go to her house just to tell her this? The precinct can just call her. You do not have to do any of these things. The NYPD makes out...
New Posts  All Forums: