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Microsoft was backing Psystar. There's no one more underhanded at destroying the competition then them.
they been saying this for 2 years. what's so different about this articale?
Does Apple think they can patent glueing paper to a device? The patent office is really brain dead if they approve it.
I stopped my subscription to Time more than 15 years ago. So this is what they been up to?
No Tablets for gullible fanboiz. its Holloween, not April Fools.
There won't be a tablet. This site might as well be called Mac Rumors or GullibleFanBioz.com
Looks kind of fake, with the weird lighting. who's the amateur that did the photoshop on that picture?
the establishment is to dumb to know that satirist hates the establishment
Hold it! where did psystar hire the talent to make a bootloader? did they just rip it off an open source and say its theirs? Isnt Darwin kernal derived from NextStep that Apple released into open source? So Psystar is STILL "stealing" from Apple? How is a bootloader a virtualization program? Did they edit the bootloader and call it virtualization? Macs can already double/triple boot into Windows and linux, nobody say its virtual. Can't Palm rip off...
Why do you CONTRADICT your own headling?
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