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Hold it! where did psystar hire the talent to make a bootloader? did they just rip it off an open source and say its theirs? Isnt Darwin kernal derived from NextStep that Apple released into open source? So Psystar is STILL "stealing" from Apple? How is a bootloader a virtualization program? Did they edit the bootloader and call it virtualization? Macs can already double/triple boot into Windows and linux, nobody say its virtual. Can't Palm rip off...
Why do you CONTRADICT your own headling?
They still dont support OSX. Apple is still writing drivers for printers. SL just change the way the drivers are deliver.
No. The complaint has just been shot down at the top of the article. Apple profits from making a better product than the competition fair and square. Apple has not used its dominance to prevent anyone from putting their own hardware and software to the market. Its absolutely ludicrous to give access to your sub-par competitors, who dont have the brains to make a viable product, IN ANY INDUSTRY. Your opinion is wrong and that is a fact. By your definition, the adware...
now, Apple has to open a retail on every campus. Freaking textbooks cost more than a Mac Pro.
I L-O-V-E SoundJam and Audion and their user created skins. I still keep a copy of Audion. Its too bad that today's iTune alternatives doesnt have any new and compelling features, to me at least. Songbird is almost an exact surface copy of iTunes. Miro has almost no use for me.
Its all good except that the playlist are white. The alternating background is gone. its harder to read with all light shining back at my eyes.
That means any of the forum posts can be AI homepage material, too. Our member's speculations are just as credible.
6.5 and 7.0 are dual platform? Its more like triple confusion.
maybe Apple can use that 31 Billion to buy a music publisher, movie studio or a cell carrier and cut out the weak link.
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