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Advertising is a hobby for Apple. It doesn't have to sell out its customers to make money. Thank you Apple.
I couldn't stop laughing either.
"Users may be weakest link..." There's no "may be" about it. WE are the weakest link. If parents are giving the password to thier kids for in-app purchases, they have no case.
I understand the issue; it is something we deal with in Manhattan, NY. I don't understand the symbol; buses have never been associated with high status. Nor how the new commercial vehical regulations will resolve high housing cost, and class inequality. It don't look like the fees will subsides any affordable housing at all.
It almost seems like Apple has a mole in Samsung. Mole informs Apple about the adverts; Apple secretly pays the spokesperson to tweet with an iPhone. Very effective counter intelligence.
This asshat is as bad as patent trolls; if not worst.
Did another Elop become CEO of Delta? 
PLEASE DON'T GO! Ballmer can lead MS down a slow death spiral. He's the John Sculley of MS. 
Art Levinson ; a biochemist; chairman of biotechnology giant Genentech is on Apple's board is advising Apple on this new policy, right?
MS stores would make money IF they just start selling iPads. 
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