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This is one of the most generalize ignorant statement i have read. As bad as some of the polarize political demonizing rants in the last 10 years.
Is this a bait and switch blog? the title says one thing but the body goes on about the iPhone and other stuff.
there is no need to malign France when there are a lot of dictatorships around the world that has no labor laws at all, just because we have disagreement with our democratic allies.
Freedom has become immutable. The amount of years past, the geography and numbers of battles fought, is irrelevant. The idea of democracy and the ideas associated with democracy are struggling against every kind of dictatorship, i.e. Iran's election.
You are right that history is complicated, but it contradicts your first paragraph. We didn't gladly let Hitler keep France, there were pro and anti war sentiments all over. We didn't declare war on Germany until after they declare war on the US. France didn't help in the Revolutionary War out of goodwill either, but that doesnt mean that our CURRENT DISAGREEMENT in global policies should be reduced the benefits of former and current alliances in the historic records to...
Yes, we have to be absolutely grateful to France for its help in the Revolutionary War(whatever its motivation or circumstance) and the gift of the Statue of Liberty. I was very offended with the "old Europe" and "Liberty Fries" ignorance. The Statue of Liberty is most tangible symbol of freedom American has ever had, for native born and immigrants.
Very Good. Did you study with Frank Jacobs?
...for reading rumors.
Appleinsider and Kaufman Bros. must have a large quantity of Apple stocks in their underwears.
Levinson should resign. You should look up the nature of Directors. It also explains why Carla Jung of Avon, a COSMETICS COMPANY, is on Apple's Board.
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