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Balmer is the John Scully of MS. Everyone in Silicon Valley should be celebrating.
AI must really be desperate for eyeballs if it keeps propping up rumours to resurrect 15 year old dead Newton as a tablet 2 weeks in a row. Go make a Hackintosh netbook if you want a 10" MB otherwise apple wouldnt have discontinued 12" G4 PB.
Jobs stay on Board. Cook becomes CEO. The Board will want another outsider like Jung and Drexler. Maybe NASA's Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Charles Elachi
Avgas is the secret ingrediant for the MBP long battery life.
So, where did it "draw headlines" besides AI? I Binged it and my brower crashed.
Very nice troll post. I limit my response with the words,- last week, Amazon.com, Kindle, George Orwell, kill-switch.
No! Putting their own logo on it would be misrepresentation, which is fraud. I have no legal education either but common sense say its bogus. Psystar is using legal delay.
At least there is nothing in the articale that they are claiming to "innovate" anything, like the MS Store will.
I think AI wants the tablet more than anyone because it keeps making up rumors about it. Did I say "making up", I mean fabricate!
Plz, Apple, dont make me buy the entire iPod product line just to get a Nano. There are very few that should come in album form, like Pink Floyd The Wall, Cibo Matto Viva La Woman, Aimee Mann The Forgotten Arm or musicals and operas.
New Posts  All Forums: