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Its sad to see emerging countries repeating the mistakes of the Industrial Revolution a 150 Years ago. 16 hour child labor, polution, etc.
You are being sarcastic right? the iPhone is the all in one device. GPS device sales are down and TomTom announce a GPS app. Amazon just play Big Brother against George Orwell. OH, THE IRONY kills me. I'll read my e-books on the iTouch. You have the choice to use other "smartphones" from a choice of carrier like Verizon. You can choice to carry a ... * Camcorders » * Cameras » * MP3 Music player» * Cellphones » * Netbook » * G.P.S. device» *...
LOL, that's definately an oxymoron. So is Appleinsider.
I am so glad Apple isn't a Puritan church and that dancing is the work of the devil.
At least non of this shortage has anything to do with the iTablet phantom.
OMG so much anticipation for a decade long vaporware Is this MSinsider?
will verizon plz subsidize my $1000 Mac Pro with an exclusive 4G 3 year broadband contract?
Will carriers charge more $ 4 4G subscriptions? Can i go back to beepers and pay phones?
I gave that ugly Zen to your hot lusty wife. I cant believe she likes it. Dont blame Apple because Zen manufacturer was too lazy to write SW for it. Stop trolling.
If your printer or video card didnt come with drivers to work with the OS, do you blame the OS company instead of the manufacturer? Palm HAS TO take responsibility to write driver/sync software for its own device just like every manufacturer. Apple doesn't owe its competitors anything. It has nothing to do with anti-trust, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: