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IF you are looking at the advertised battery life for laptops dont trust them. The industry base them on MobileMark and BAPCO, who are shills for the industry. Battery life is a big selling point.
True. What he's trying to say is that color images are very subjective, whether its TVs or photos. Your mind adjust to off balance color images. I spend way too much time in color darkrooms before the digital revolution to know this. You can see this if you redo and undo image adjustments in Photoshop.
1) This is what national iintelligence agencies do. Apple is the CIA of the corporate world. 2) GO AI! protecting Freedom Of Speech and the Constitution. 3) hormonal imbalance can describe hitting puberty. Is this really Jobs' "second cumming"? hormonal imbalance is so vague. Alot of the brain controls a wide variaty of hormones.
the mobile phone market proves that capitalism and competition still works. Apple's success spur others to TRY make better handsets, i.e. Storm. So America IS NOT falling in to socialism.
HW specs are secondary are secondary to Apple. It was never mention in the keynote. Apps were the showcase. Intel is piling up cpu cores, they can barely pass 3.0 GHZ nowadays. due to MHZ limits, SW holds increasing significance.
iTunes is NOT a central piece of OS X. You can delete it if you want. It won't affect the system. Unlike the old Windows and IE tether. Which the EU has to force them apart. MS even argued in US court that Windows wont function properly without IE. this was before the anti-trust sue too.
Why the hell would you want to in the first place! Besides, I though the most popular music player was WinAmps.Maybe I will jailbrake my iPod to sync with WMP.
yor anglish is batteer than mind. i am amerrica educaded.
The english term is "sarcasm" from the French "sarcasme"
Apple IS NOT spinning anything. Secrecy and non-disclosures are Apple's forte, whether its products or CEO health. AppleInsider and other medias are spinning this. MS spins, Apple withholds info. The AI article is contraditing, "Senior managers at the company " vs. "Apple has claimed that Phil Schiller and other executives ". Schiller is not a senior manager?
New Posts  All Forums: