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Palminsider, Appleinsider; are these sites are about cutting edge botany? To hell with the ads, we weren't even around for the actual Zunes.
ah, a suit NOT by a patent troll...
The article and posters are over-reacting. There is not one quote from Apple about "end to iPod classic." Its all conjecture. I guess its on par for internet blogs.
Post deleted for continuous offensive language.
I am not a big Office, Google Doc user; how does iWorks.com compare? MS's monopoly makes it hard for other apps to take hold. Linux desktop, being FREE of Charge, hasnt help it to increase it user base very much over the last decade.
AT&T should just shut up about the iPhone and just go improve their cell systems.
There is NO apple tax. Tax is a government revenue.
oh, stop teasing them. Amiga, Sun, and IBM made their own OS and hardware.
[QUOTE=Nano_tube;1443885] All I want is a Mac between the iMac and Mac Pro, QUOTE] Since Apple doesn't make what you want you can buy another brand of desktop computers. There are a lot of other Apple-competitors.
There is no free market for STEALING others' hard earn R&D and products. Don't let MS and Apple different BUSINESS MODELS confuse you.
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