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oh, stop teasing them. Amiga, Sun, and IBM made their own OS and hardware.
[QUOTE=Nano_tube;1443885] All I want is a Mac between the iMac and Mac Pro, QUOTE] Since Apple doesn't make what you want you can buy another brand of desktop computers. There are a lot of other Apple-competitors.
There is no free market for STEALING others' hard earn R&D and products. Don't let MS and Apple different BUSINESS MODELS confuse you.
If you dont like what Apple is offering, buy from one of its competitors. There are lots of them, Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, Asususus, etc. Use your wallet against Apple instead of this thread.
The Home Row waste more and more spaces as you increase your pages. Get rid of it entirely. Press Home Button once for fave/recent apps, no need for stacks 2x for music control 3x for auto dial fave booty call 4x for the apocalypse 5x for 5 finger discount of Palm devices 6x for random lottery numbers 7x to shoot dice 8x to connect to Jon and Kate 9x to dial the People's Republic(cultural reference) Holdx for smoking break
These people are buying gift cards to give to themselves in June/July? Fuck Santa, Jesus, Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima in DEcember.
Lowing the price of 7 at retail is just marketing since most of windows is OEM or PIRATED. The price of SL and 7 will be hidden in new hardware anyways.
IF you are looking at the advertised battery life for laptops dont trust them. The industry base them on MobileMark and BAPCO, who are shills for the industry. Battery life is a big selling point.
True. What he's trying to say is that color images are very subjective, whether its TVs or photos. Your mind adjust to off balance color images. I spend way too much time in color darkrooms before the digital revolution to know this. You can see this if you redo and undo image adjustments in Photoshop.
1) This is what national iintelligence agencies do. Apple is the CIA of the corporate world. 2) GO AI! protecting Freedom Of Speech and the Constitution. 3) hormonal imbalance can describe hitting puberty. Is this really Jobs' "second cumming"? hormonal imbalance is so vague. Alot of the brain controls a wide variaty of hormones.
New Posts  All Forums: