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Why the hell would you want to in the first place! Besides, I though the most popular music player was WinAmps.Maybe I will jailbrake my iPod to sync with WMP.
yor anglish is batteer than mind. i am amerrica educaded.
The english term is "sarcasm" from the French "sarcasme"
Apple IS NOT spinning anything. Secrecy and non-disclosures are Apple's forte, whether its products or CEO health. AppleInsider and other medias are spinning this. MS spins, Apple withholds info. The AI article is contraditing, "Senior managers at the company " vs. "Apple has claimed that Phil Schiller and other executives ". Schiller is not a senior manager?
that glass facade in the middle just stick out like a sore thumb. Why is apple doing this when China's major cities's skyscapers are western modern style, glass and steel. They should make the whole thing a glass cube. China unlike Chicago(?) is not force Apple's design to match its surroundings.
Sandisk is doing a great job. They dont have Apple's HW/SW intergation, or ecosystem. Nor do they have MS's monopoly. Nor do they have the brand name recognition of their competitors. Yet they still maintain a #2 position year after year, however small.
the president gets a $19,000 entertainment account, $50,000 expanse account and a salary. Everything the president does is pay by our taxes. VP and congress gets similar accounts, plus retirement. Obama gets a jet, helicopter, free room and board, bodyguards, press agent, etc. George Washington has an expanse account IIRC, then congress revoked it and gave him a salary.
Half of that $440 million is just to replace the display items. The display items gets so grimy I though i was at a Best Buy. The CLEANING STAFF always look so wore out. all the refurbished items at apple.com store is from this place. Another thing is that the store is UNDERGROUND, but it makes more money than other retailers in the world. Genius. Give that cube a blowjob.
Did you all see A Letter to Three Wives when it came out in theaters!
The demand for One2one is probably overwhelming supply. I remember one ad somewhere in NYC that offer classes for thousands of $ classes for 20 or more students on Apple's Pro applications, which is on par with other specialized pro apps,Wintel or Mac. However One2One is for any Apple apps. Its one reason why apple is getting a 80 or more customer satisfaction ratings
New Posts  All Forums: