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Yeah, but MS hasn't fix the Zune for the Y2K bug.
Of course you are right. Its the same reason for the big Palm Pre artical(?) last week. They are all trying to get some buzz before the intro of the new iPhone because they'll be buried in the new iPhone media coverage avalanche.
Hope you are a lot better, Steve.
Global? It can't even go municipal. It can only go marsupial.
Yeah, just connect the cables and select Composite Input or S-Video Input
I miss my dominatrix and Windows 95.
Try amending "Vertical Monopoly" to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Apple has no monopoly on anything. Digital music download is ONLY ONE WAY of purchasing music. The iPod is almost close to a monopoly on portable digital music player, but not quite. Also, Apple hasn't in any way prevented other companies from entering this market, which is essential for prosecution.
if you want the perfect OSX iTablet, built it yourself like this guy did. http://www.macmod.com/external-mods/macbook/1577-itab
Cartier, like all luxury brands, has bigger problems with imitation goods on the streets and eBay. A cease and desist would have been enough.
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