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Did you all see A Letter to Three Wives when it came out in theaters!
The demand for One2one is probably overwhelming supply. I remember one ad somewhere in NYC that offer classes for thousands of $ classes for 20 or more students on Apple's Pro applications, which is on par with other specialized pro apps,Wintel or Mac. However One2One is for any Apple apps. Its one reason why apple is getting a 80 or more customer satisfaction ratings
That's too many models. Apple usually keeps it to 2 or 3 models to reduce costumer confusion.
that's my first thought. I dont do conspiracy theories but this company opens up right after Psystar's bankruptcy. coincidence?
That LOGO wil probably double as a Flash.
where have you been for the last 2 years? That's not a theory. Apple did make an offer to Verizon and was rejected. Now Verizon is kicking itself in the ass and paying shill bloggers to suggest that there is a Verizon iPhone soon to stop the flow of switchers.
Yeah, but MS hasn't fix the Zune for the Y2K bug.
Of course you are right. Its the same reason for the big Palm Pre artical(?) last week. They are all trying to get some buzz before the intro of the new iPhone because they'll be buried in the new iPhone media coverage avalanche.
Hope you are a lot better, Steve.
Global? It can't even go municipal. It can only go marsupial.
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