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that's not true. you sneeze on it yesterday.
OMG, this new Lauren is so hot. But all you freaking nerds keep spinning the Win/OSX broken record.
A nano with video recording could take the market from the Flip.
I am sorry but all these things have been invented. you can see them all on youtube. rocket shoes - see JackAss movie banana cameras- search the phase on Youtube. touch screen dildos- there's an app for that. wobble or ijiggles spring loaded beer- a college student invented a fridge that shoots beers a few years ago. look for it on youtube invisible gum- they are invisible. no one wants to see what's in your mouth. computers for dogs- see New Yorker cartoon. "on the...
Right. Since Apple makes the SW and HW , just breaking down the App # dont give the whole picture. you have to add the ATT subsidiary number and touch number to this. Especially because Apple only has 3 Apps amount 30,000.
you know, i like John's blog and John's comments on RoughlyDrafted, but is AI shilling for John or is this a really really really slow news day that you would give a blogger front page. I dont read anything that indicates John is an expert in any field like DED of RoughlyDrafted is. But than again, these "analyst" are guessing, anyways.
This app will out sell the kindle by a 100.
In your face LMAO
Truly they need a good dose of satire and parody form The Onion or Mad. Like Apple's Laptop where they replaced the keyboard with a scrollwheel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BnLb...eature=channel
the phones are BOGO but you are stuck with 2 contracts. which is the provider's intended trap.
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