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So why does apple score an 80 in overall customer experiance?
Inkwell on OSX only supports English, French and German. I tried it with a wacom tablet last week. The chinese recognition on iPod touch is lights year ahead. SURPRISE THE HELL OUT ME! Hopefully the technology will be in Snow leopard and we can use the trackpad to write, somehow. Its mainly a software issue. Dragon Natuarlly Speaking a great voice tech and has improved alot over the years. There is a mac edition. Ink was not developed by Apple, although i dont know...
got it on webclip. anyone know what the music count is up to?
No wonder windows interface keeps getting worse. These foreign companies are poaching American talent.
Because Window fans are masochists.Its the same reason Dell sells a no screen notebook.
What to do about the battery! Its the most important part of an electronic device, yet it has the slowest technological advances of the the industry. The best Apple can do with it is to change the shape to pack more into the 17". By comparision, cpu, memories, drives, monitor makes leaps and bounds. Battery life gets better only because of energy efficiency in other parts.
Apple can probably write a Pre emulator for the iPhone. Palm needs Pandora to run in the background because Palm doesn't a music platform. The Pre is so thick I'll bet 80% of it is a battery. It will run 3 days with 10 background running.
I am an American. I am from China. I hate censorship. But... to never read the word "songsmith", I am willing to turn AppleInsider over to the Breen Office (Hays Code).
anyone showing that much enthusiasm for buying ANY computer, wether PC, Mac, or Linux, is acting or just plain crazy. Who here has done cartwheels upon receiving a new Mac?
she just cant act like a real shopper.
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